Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Senior Year turns into Graduation

Lately my life has been absorbed by all things high school. All things senior year, to be precise. There was prom; the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the pictures, the corsages, the after prom plans. Graduation plans included a letter to the school explaining why we required more than the typical allotment of tickets, a white dress for underneath the white gown, white shoes, and reservations for a family dinner before the ceremony. (We wont even discuss the weight I gained. We certainly wont talk about how only one of my dresses fit me, albeit in a hideous way.) The only other minor disappointment was the lack of the appropriate Dr. Seuss for the evening. I wanted to read "Oh The Places You'll Go" to my little graduate at dinner. I managed to get the book and read it to her a day or two later.

It's been a fun time but it all went by too fast. Prom should be at least a month before graduation, in my opinion. This way there would be more time to savor each event. We still have a graduation party to go.