Monday, November 23, 2009

My Blog Spark?

**Updated at the bottom. Twice.**

This morning I was just sitting here minding my own business, which I hardly ever always do. I was reading my emails and came across an email from My Blog Spark saying everyone has to sign the new Terms & Conditions.

I was reading through them (my husband will be so proud) and I saw this:

"If you conduct any sort of giveaway of these items to your readers or others, you agree to do so responsibly and lawfully and you agree that you will be responsible for any resulting liabilities, injuries, losses, or claims, including without limitation, injuries to (or harm suffered by) yourself or others."

Highlights, bold, italics are put there by me.


*Who amongst the bloggers can afford to take on the liability the manufacturer alone should carry? Not I, said this blogger.

*Seriously, I need an answer to this question so I know who can take me out on their yacht. Leave this information in the comments or email me a.s.a.p.!


I just now got this email from Melissa at My Blog Spark:

Hi Tammi,
We understand that you have some concerns regarding the updated terms and conditions and want to clarify one very important point regarding liability. Please note that MyBlogSpark members are NOT liable when prizes are sent to your contest winners directly by MyBlogSpark . If there is ever an issue regarding a prize fulfilled by MyBlogSpark, you are not liable.
You are only liable if someone is injured because you failed to properly prepare or store the product samples or warn of allergens from product/prizes we send directly to you and you send directly to others.
We hope this clears up any issues pertaining to the terms and conditions and please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.
Best Regards,
Kudos to My Blog Spark for responding. I'm pretty darn glad to hear this. However, I did let them know I think the language in the first quote I gave needs to be fixed to remove unnecessary risk from the shoulders of bloggers. Better to be redundant than open to risk, right?

Wow - I'm impressed. Sometimes when the little guy points out a risk, they are heard. Here's Melissa's response to my thoughts, sent to me via email again:

Hi Tammi,
I’m a mom blogger myself, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. I agree that the wording could be misinterpreted and we just sent an email out to the entire network that I hope clarifies the issue and eases the concerns. We would love it if you would reconsider and remain a member of the network. I can have the terms and agreements resent to you if you’d like.
Thanks again,
Next week: Getting husbands to listen. No, just kidding. That will never happen. Unless you are saying something you don't want them to hear. They are listening then.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lost and Found

Happy day!

Lost: My mind

When a certain unnamed credit card company bought my ten year old account in great standing they immediately closed it. Never a call or letter to tell us, either. Just closed it. We went to buy a plane ticket and it wouldn't process. These glitches happen. We thought nothing of it and just paid a different way. Then we went to make another purchase and it didn't process again. We kept trying, checking online to be certain there was nothing wrong with the account. There was no unusual activity, the account still showed we had the available credit. We paid a different way and then called this bank. "Your account has been closed." You should be getting a letter shortly. Two weeks later, sure enough, the letter arrived. This was the big card we carried. Incidentally, they also increased our interest rate - to 31.99%!!!

It super-sucked because then the other accounts we had saw BigBank had closed our account. Domino effect, big time. We like rewards, so I usually dump most of every paycheck into an account which earns us great rewards. I dumped in the money and got a letter in the mail the same day. Due to your ratio of debt to available credit blah blah blah... they lowered our credit limit. This was an "Oh crap!" moment for me because I needed to pay my bills with the money I just dropped on that rewards account. Things were spiraling out of control.

Why do things never spiral into control?

Yesterday I got a letter from BigBank offering me a 'deal'. I worked some numbers and called today with a goal in mind. I talked to a guy who was apparently screening the callers for this deal. After several minutes he put me through to Lisa, who asked a few questions and came up with a number and a deal even better than the one I was hoping for when I called! Hello 6% interest! We just saved a ton of money.

The moral of the story is this: Hey! my stories never have morals to them. What are you doing hanging around here waiting for one this time? If there is a moral to the story this time it is "It can't hurt to ask."

Helpful hint: Make them give you a number. They asked me what payment I wanted. Had I answered I think they would have taken it. I would be paying more than I am now if I had named given my numbers.

At no point in this or any other blog post will I actually say I found my mind. My mind is much more settled than it was yesterday.

Found: Money

Weirdo Wednesday

Yes, "Weirdo Wednesday." Because it feels comfortable like an old shoe. Although, truth be told, my old shoes are never comfortable. So scratch that. It feels familiar. Like an old, somewhat uncomfortable shoe.

Anyway... I'm still trying to find the sunglasses I want. Impossible. I mean, possible, but not from any place who will sell them to me as prescription sunglasses. If I am ever an eye doctor and you find what you want online? I will go to the website where you found it, get the frames you want, and put prescription lenses in them for you. Because that's how I roll. Come on 'rest of the world' - catch up! 'Cause it's rude when you refuse to help a damsel in distress.

It looks like I am going to have to wave goodbye to the idea of having prescription Gucci 2432/S sunglasses. It's a cruel, cruel world. Although... I did just drum up more than a couple hundred dollars of receipts I never thought to turn in to flex spend before. So maybe, just maybe, I could buy the glasses I want and bring them in for lenses. I want to spend it all from flex - to use up my flex. But I super-duper REALLY want those glasses.

So you don't think I'm just psycho or vain (Or is it too late? It may well be.) I will fill you in. I've been wearing a pair of 2432 Gucci sunglasses since April 2000. I know they block the mean old nasty sun. I know they are lovely. I know they fit comfortably. I have 'small features', which is some kind of optician code for 'freak face who can't wear sunglasses.' It is super difficult to find sunglasses which do not look as if they are eating my face.

Maybe we'll take some pictures today and if there is ever a "Sunglasses! Stop eating my face!" photo contest I will be able to enter.

Here they are, in all their sun-blocking glory. Mine are brown, not pink. The pink is pretty though, isn't it?

*Isn't it weird how we say "Isn't it?" when we would never say "Is not it?"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Putting The 'Flex' in Flex Spend

Is anyone else obsessed with draining a flex spend account right about now? I have decided this is as good of a time as any to try acupuncture, get great first aid kits for the house and cars, get some prescription sunglasses, and let my son get those colored contacts he has been wanting. Sadly, his contacts are not available in colors.

Here are some other uses for flex spend monies which could be interesting:

Buying canes. Maybe I can make some kind of hall tree and we could use them to hang our coats.

Incontinence bed pads. The puppy does use potty pads, after all.

Ace bandages. These can be used for bondage, or so I read.

Did you know you can get GUM and CANDY with flex spend money??? You can. It's nicotine gum and candy, but hey, GUM. and. CANDY. people!

Dr. Scholl's inserts for everyone!! We're gellin'.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Best Things I've Seen On The Internet This Week:

I just read something on a facebook info page which inspired me to thrill you with a (short) list. Here is some of the best stuff I've seen on the internet lately: (You're welcome.)

"You need someone who buys Snickers for his mother and Godiva for you."

"God carries a picture of you in his wallet."

Okay, so it's a list of two things. Savor them.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So Yeah, I Made a Key Lime Pie

My mother came over with a Key Lime pie for my husband's birthday. It was fabulous. We've had Key Lime in Key West, and hers was a solid '10'. It was tart and think and delicious. I knew she would never make another one in a couple of weeks. When we have something great it's all we can think about and within a couple of weeks we are jonesing (spell check wanted me to change 'jonesing' to 'jousting' - or indonesia- what the heck?) for it again.

As it turns out, I was out and about last Thursday when I spoke with my mother and found out she was indeed making another Key Lime Pie! Except she needed? Lime. Okay then, this is totally typical for us. I told her I would bring one on my way home. (Reason #7 why it's great to live around the corner from your mother - bringing stuff home to each other in a pinch.) I made the drop off. She made no mention of sharing the pie, but I had bought the stuff to make one myself, so I was only a little hurt.

Short story long? I made my Key Lime Pie. I started with a graham cracker crust pre-made from the store. I justified this by telling myself this way the crust was a sure thing - all I had to learn was the pie. I used the recipe from Mar-a-Lago, which was the same one mom used. I followed it exactly. I even set a timer for the whipping times.

Mine is a little more light and fluffy than mom's was. I bet she adjusted her mixer speed (lowered it) like the KitchenAid book says to do. I didn't because I expected the folks at Mar-a-Lago had a mixer at least as powerful as ours. My flavor was absolutely perfect. Next time I will do the crust myself. It looks like a no-brainer, and I have no excuse now not to do it.

Try something new and unexpected. You'll probably be glad you did.