Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 22: Something I wish I had not done.

     I wish I had not learned to overeat. I used to go to a restaurant and share an entree with someone. I would be satisfied. Then I learned to eat an appetizer, salad, entree and dessert. Sometimes we share dessert, but if I'm being honest I'd rather share dinner and have my own dessert. I wish I had not learned to eat like this. It's too much and it's made me overweight.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 21: My Best Friend Is In A Car Accident And We Got Into A Fight An Hour Before. What Do I Do?

     For starters, I do not fight with my friends. But if for some reason I had a fight with my friend it would not matter. I would go to her, of course.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Food Pyramid

Allison got a blog! I borrowed this food pyramid from her. (No idea where she got it)

30 Days Of Truth, Day 20: My Views On Drugs And Alcohol

     Drugs and alcohol have ruined lots of lives. Some people can use either and not lose it. Other people can't. At all. The only way you find out is by trying. Why gamble with your happiness?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wouldn't You Love To Live Here?

Yeah, me too.

30 in 30, Closing Comments - January

     January is at an end (as far as 3 in 30 goes) and I'm here to weigh in again. 
Week 1 I was feeling like I had set reasonable and reachable goals. 
Week 2 I was feeling ten feet tall, despite straying from my original plans. I still thought I would complete my new project and conquer the original three goals as well. 
Week 3 did not go at all as planned because I was sick the whole week.

That brings us to week 4. Maybe I should call it weak four. Because it was weak. I did a few things I couldn't do during a lot of weeks two and three because I had been so sick. Like wash dishes and clean the living room and grocery shop and run errands. But my goals? What were they? The thing I am most proud of this month wasn't even on my original list. I have stopped eating when I am no longer hungry. This was a big deal for me. I still struggle with it. The other night we went to dinner and a movie and I had to leave half of my delicious dinner on the plate. My mouth was telling me to eat it all, but I left it. Because honestly, I was feeling full. 

Goals: 1: move to wii fit or xbox kinect? Not one time all month. Not one single time. I could have done better. Being honest, I just didn't care enough to do it on the days I felt well enough to do it. 2: purge of the house? I did it when I was working, but I just wasn't working enough. 3: get the spare room made into a cozy guest room? There are still cabinet doors in there waiting to be painted. 

     I am not writing January off as a failure. It was more of a learning experience. On one hand, I didn't meet a single goal. On the other hand, I met a new goal and worked on things I would not have otherwise done. Success doesn't always look the way we thought it would, and I am okay with that.

My February goals are not set in stone yet, because honestly, I haven't thought about them. Should I do the January goals again or new ones? I have to think about it some more, and decide what I really want from all of this.
     I am so glad I am getting to know some of you and I am grateful for what you have shared with me and also for your encouragement. Life is like a box of chocolates... I am not disappointed this month - I got you!

*** side note: A bunch of the 3 in 30 participants have captchas or word verification enabled for comments. And many of those don't show up right away, but after you've submitted for the first time. These can be reset so the captcha shows the first time. You could be losing comments from people who click 'comment' and leave. They never see the captcha. I think I've failed to leave a lot of comments in my day when I thought I had. Also, you can totally remove this option. I recommend removing it since blogger now has a spam filter anyway. It would make it so much nicer for the people who do read and comment. Maybe only put it back in place if you find it becomes necessary? I don't have it and I'm  just fine. 

30 Days Of Truth, Day 19: What I Think Of Religion Or Politics

     I think if you want to use your religion as a basis to judge people, you should start with yourself. Once you are perfect, move on to others who sit in your pew at church. Then, if you ever get beyond yourself with your judgment remember to hate the sin and not the sinner. (And by the way, if you get beyond yourself with your judgment, you are wrong. You are not finished with yourself.)

     I think politics, like religion, started with good intentions but power corrupts.
     Be nice. Do what you feel is right.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 18: My Views On Gay Marriage

     My views are this: It's not up to me to decide who someone else loves. Sometimes I wish it was. Lots of people choose partners and they are horrible to each other. That, however, has nothing to do with gay marriage. I really do not like all the reasons people decide they can use to judge each other and be awful to each other.

     Let's fight against mean people, bad people, violent people. Let's do that. And let's stay out of each other people's bedrooms. That's how I feel.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 Days of Truth - Day 16: Someone or Something You Could Live Without

     I could live without asparagus. There. I said it. I don't like it. It smells bad. And when people eat it? I can smell it. You are what you eat and I do not want to be asparagus. No. Thank you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

30 Days of Truth - Day 15 - Something or Someone You Couldn’t Live Without, Because You’ve Tried

     There is nobody I have tried to live without in order to establish I can not live without them. That eliminates people from this answer.

     I have tried living without Downy dryer sheets. It was not fun. I went to great lengths to obtain them. I pretty much haven't tried to live without anything I think is vital to my living, so this is another question which just isn't easy for me to answer.

     I could not live my life without corrective lenses. I could still be alive, but not really live the life I do now. But again, I haven't tried to go without them. Not unless you count the five minutes I was without them yesterday while Gretchen was fixing hem for me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

30 Days Of Truth - Day 14: Surprises

Day 14. The prompt for today tells me to write a letter to a hero who has let me down. For the 2nd day in a row I have to say this just isn't me. I don't have that letter inside me. So, I'll share something real and personal again. I'm going to make it about: Something I thought was life-shattering which turned out to be terrific.

     The first thing I can think of which had me scared to death, off track, and just plain old terrified is becoming pregnant with my second child when my first child was a mere year old. I wanted more children, yes. But in my head I had it all planned out, you see. Four children. As a child entered kindergarten I would get pregnant with the next. This way each child would have quality time with mommy, you see. And life said? BWAHAHAHAA!

     This was not the way it was supposed to go. I was devastated. I've ruined both their lives! I've ruin my life! I've ruined everything. I have single-handedly thrown the earth off it's axis. (yeah, that was me - sorry) Now nothing good would ever happen to any of us. Then Allison was born, she was fine, Crystal was fine, I was fine.

     As time passed I realized - everything is better than fine. It's kind of nice when they play together. Crystal doesn't need every second of my time when she has a sister. Oh my gosh I went and made my kid a friend! Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not me just a year earlier. Now they are in college and it makes me so happy when I see them go off to shopping together, or go out with friends together. I love it when they take time to enjoy each other. Even seeing them watching something together in the living room makes my heart squeak.

Also? World Crisis? Diverted.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vivid Dream

Back story: I've been sick for two weeks. Yesterday Zack was starting to get 'the cough'. I dropped him off at school with DayQuil, just in case. Yesterday his friend Clay came over after school. They played Yu-Gi-Oh and ate fried tacos. He seemed okay later, too,  when he was watching television. This morning, however, he did not get up for school. (I ought to let you know he's a senior in high school - not an 8 year old boy. He gets up on his own)

So a few minutes ago I went upstairs to check on him. Poor thing must feel awful. Here is how it went:

Me: Zacky, you okay?

Zack: Yeah. (sort of deflated, but with that twinkle in his eye)

Me: Well, why didn't you go to school this morning?

Zach: I had a vivid dream that it was a snow day. So I went back to sleep. Then Katie texted me and was all "Where ARE you?" and I was d'oh!

I just stood there, slackjawed...

I was not going to be one of those mothers. You know, the ones whose sons charm them with nonsense and they just think it's so cute/adorable/funny/wonderful.


30 Days of Truth - Day 13: Taken For Granted, U.S.

So the prompt for today on the 30 Days of Truth challenge is: A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.) Sorry, there's nothing about this which would tell my truth. There is no band or artist who has reached out to me and pulled me through tough 'ass days'. While I'm sure some who know me may disagree, I don't even think I have 'ass days'. So I'm just going to tell some other truth, some real truth.

When I lived in Venezuela I learned about a lot of things I take for granted here in the United States. Here is a partial list. (No matter how long it is, it is only a partial list - you'd have to live it to understand)

Downy dryer sheets. Yes, these are #1. It's weird what things you miss.
Free parking, available parking. Above ground. Safe. Free.
ATMs in English. In dollars. Easy to understand.
Our roads. Wide. Open. Very wide. Well maintained. Safe.
Our neighborhoods. Yards not covered in fences topped with barbed wire.
Not needing an armed guard at home.
Ability to enter sweepstakes. - because yes, I'm lucky!
Grocery stores with so many great options, it's overwhelming - seriously, we have it so good.
The Public Library. Oh how I missed you.
Target, the mall, Sams Club - Makro, Graffiti, and the malls there just were not cutting it.  As much as I hate shopping, I love the ability to shop easily.
The United States Postal Service. You are beautiful and I love you very, very much.
Reliable electricity which doesn't go out all the time.
For my sons I have to add: Taco Bell. I think they missed it the most.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 3 of 3 in 30:


Okay. So this week was a total wash. I'm still sick. I have stopped eating when I was no longer hungry. I realized that is something I really needed to do. Since when did my taste buds become the boss of me? Probably somewhere around 2001, if I have to be honest. Well gee old lady, that was about ten years ago! (no, I am not calling you an old lady, I'm talking to myself.) You can probably guess what ten years of eating beyond hunger has done to my body. Instead of doing something radical like weight watchers points and exercise I have decided to stop eating when I am no longer hungry.

My goals for this month are:

To do a purge of the house. -not so much. But I have thrown out a lot of trash and some pizza boxes we were harboring.

To get the spare room in order. - Uh, I bought a gallon of paint and put it in the spare room. Which is actually a step towards this goal since I have to paint the cabinet doors I put in there last week in order to get moving on working on the room again. So in a way, putting another gallon of paint in there was a step towards the goal. In a wacky sort of way.

To start moving with the Wii Fit or the XBox Kinect. -absolutely not, but I have coughed a lot, and am sore from that. I hope to get my strength back and quit coughing so I can rip up the rest of the goals for the month. It can still be done,

Week three was sort of "The week that wasn't" for me. I hope yours was much, much better.

30 Days of Truth, Day 12: Something You Never Get Compliments On

     This one reminds me of my friend Jean, who once lamented in my comments on this post that nobody ever compliments her on her drinking these days.  Nobody compliments me on mine, either.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 11: Something People Seem To Compliment You On The Most

     I get the most compliments on my children. How beautiful, sweet, smart, funny, helpful, kind, considerate, etc. they are. When they were small people would approach us and say how well behaved they were.

     I also get a lot of compliments about my mom and how nice she is.

     Then there's my husband. Oh boy! The ladies all think he's so wonderful!

     I got lucky in the family department!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 10: Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know


     I honestly do not have someone in my life who I need to let go. I also think it would be terribly rude of me to note the name of someone I wish I didn't know. It is not as if it is anyone I see more than a time or two a year. No big deal. They just make people uncomfortable. Oh well, that's life. Besides, you never know when someone you thought you didn't like will show you their wonderful side. Then you'll love them.

Monday, January 17, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 9: Someone You Didn’t Want To Let Go, But Just Drifted


Sadly, I have an answer for this. My friend Andrea. We were super close and I think we shared everything with each other. We were both young and had all kinds of upset and turmoil in our lives. We complained to each other and helped each other, mostly with emotional support. Day in and day out, we were there for each other for years. Sadly, it's been a long time since I've heard from her. I do not know how to reach her. Andrea Reading, with father named (grouchy) Chuck, two beautiful (grown!) children, and 'babe' hair? If you read this, get in touch with me! I love you!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 8: Someone Who Made Your Life Hell, Or Treated You Terribly

     It's not that I don't want to play along, really I do. But I'm going to sort of skim over this one because I feel these things are in the past and not worth time today. My father made my life hell, my first husband treated me terribly. The first thirty years of my life were pretty much rotten. I'm so glad to be done with them.

Hooray for Today!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 7: Someone who Has Made Your Life Worth Living


     In the past I've shared about my grandparents. They have certainly helped make my life worth living.

     Then there are my children. They make my life so rich and full and have taught me more than I ever realized there was to learn. Just when I knew it all, I went and had kids. My first baby was colicky and difficult, but I didn't know it. I just held her and loved her and enjoyed every single second. My second baby was her own person. When she was a couple of days old she decided to stop breathing. It took the medics a long time to convince her to keep doing it. She always wanted to be put in her bed to go to sleep. Such a change from the first baby who had to be touched 100% of the time. My third baby was the most smiling, sweet sweet baby I have ever seen. Even the ladies in the church nursery couldn't get over how smiley he was all the time. My fourth baby was always fighting or entertaining. He definitely wanted his way all the time, and would insist upon it. When he did not get his way he would throw a little tantrum, then just go with the flow. All so different. Each one so amazing.

    My husband. I could write a book, really. My life before I met him is such a thing of the past if I talk about it I feel as if I am talking about someone else's life. Not mine. It's weird to try to explain, but it is how it is. I've learned a lot from him. I may not be the best student, or the best at putting things into practice, but I've noticed. I have. I get it. I know when we are in a crowd a lot of women wish they were in my position. Men, take note. My husband can teach you how to be a good husband.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 2 of 3 in 30: Win Some, Lose Some


      Friday already? Wow. This was one of those weeks which lasted forever and flew by at the same time. Please tell me I'm not the only one who sometimes feels this way. Ahem. My January goals, as mentioned here and here  are:
To do a purge of the house.

To get the spare room in order.

To start moving with the Wii Fit or the XBox Kinect.
     Let's see, shall we? I did a purge of the kitchen. I started by taking everything out of the cabinets.I have boxes of stuff purged. About half of it was stuff belonging to my mother which ended up in my kitchen. I also threw away a lot of stuff. We do not need the quart container the sweet and sour sauce comes in, no matter how sturdy it may be. Ridiculous, really. I've started a "Containers without partners" group and oddly enough also a "Seals without containers" group. They will meet elsewhere, because they sure as shootin' aren't staying here.

     Oddly enough, by the time I was half way through the kitchen purge I found myself singing. (That's not the odd part) I was singing Closing Time, and not the Leonard Cohen version, the Matchbox 20 version.
Closing time, open all the doors
And let you out into the world...
Closing time, you don't have to go home,
But you can't stay here
     By the end of the day I was singing the whole thing, with lyrics changed to suit the actual items being tossed. I've done this sort of thing since I was a child. Anyway... when I was done serenading my warped 6 qt pot and multiple ice trays (seriously? How does this happen?) and giant box of mismatched flatware we removed the cabinet doors. My son scrubbed those down while I scrubbed down everything we couldn't remove.

     Sadly, the cabinet doors are still sitting in the spare room. Remember it? The one I was going to stop using like this? Yeah, well. Don't judge me too harshly. Where else am I going to paint all those cabinet doors when there's a foot of snow outside? I do not feel bad at all about this deviation from my original plan. There is stuff getting done. That is what is truly important to me. The doors would be painted and replaced by now, but the day of the kitchen purge and reset I got sick. As of last night I am fever free. Maybe today I will have enough energy to head out to Home Depot and get the paint I want.

     A couple of things did actually get taken from the spare room and put in their rightful places elsewhere, so there's a wee bit of progress.

     As far as moving and shaking it to the Wii or Xbox? What? You can't here me snickering? That's a big fat "nuh-uh". But I did shovel about 8 metric tons of snow and do all of that kitchen work, which must count for something, right? Ferris? Bueller?

At the end of week 2 I feel success slowly creeping up on me.

I am feeling ten feet tall. How's it going for you?

30 Days Of Truth, Day 6: Something You Hope You Never Have To Do.

     The thing I hope I never have to do is grieve the loss of another young person. Once is enough. Amen.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 5: Something You Hope To Do In Your Life

     Something I hope to do in my life is be nice to people when they aren't expecting it. I try to do this all the time, often to the most unsuspecting  candidates. Here are a few things I do to be nice to people who aren't expecting it:

1. Let people get where they want in traffic.

2. Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru.

3. Bring drinks and/or snacks when I pick up people at the airport.

4. Offer to pick up people at the airport.

5. Hold doors for people. Yes, even men. Because they should go through with their family, if I can help it.

6. Help people in parking lots. "That looks like quite the job, can I help you?"

7. I seem to be a magnet for old people. They are constantly asking me for help in stores. I gladly provide it.

8. I try hard to accept answers when they aren't the ones I wanted.

So no, it's not fancy or world-changing, but it I hope it makes this place a little better instead of a little worse.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 4: Something You Have To Forgive Someone Else For

     Boy, and I thought Day 3 was difficult! This one is worse. In part because it is really hard for me to admit how I feel when someone mistreats me. It is also difficult because I do forgive people and move on. Also, the part of me that hands everything over to humor when I get uncomfortable wants to take over right now. I'm fighting it, I promise.

     There was a friend who turned on me in a really aggressive way. I still do not understand what happened, and she is out of my life. I forgave her a long time ago, though.

     My father is, shall we say, not a nice guy. Do I still need to forgive him, or have I already? I think I have. I would never sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with the guy? Not a chance. Because it wouldn't be good for me, and also because I would not subject my loved ones to him. But do I forgive him for who he was in my life and the way it shaped me? I think I do. I do not wish him any harm. I will feel safer in general when he no longer lives, but I swear this isn't the same as me wishing him ill will. It's just a matter of fact. And does it mean I haven't forgiven him? Does forgiveness mean we deny our fears? I don't think so.

     I think the more I live the easier it becomes to forgive. I might express my upset over something, but I don't cling to it. I release it. It makes life so much simpler. And frankly, people do not do much wrong by me. I don't have to forgive much, just because there is not much to forgive.

     There is Dino from Time Warner Cable, but I think he's beyond redemption. (just kidding - sort of)

     What about you? Do you have some forgiving to do? What stops you?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 3: Something You Have To Forgive Yourself For

     I know I need to forgive myself for being so irritable. Except I feel like I need to work on being so irritable, and it doesn't feel fair to forgive myself for it. As I sit here sort of tap-tap-tapping the keyboard I wonder what to share. Sure, there are things I could write here, but I wont. Some things just cut too deep, you know?

     I need to forgive myself for all the times I was too impatient with my children. The times I shouted. The times I stormed around angry because they wouldn't cooperate. The times I lost my cool because I really didn't know how to contain it. They way I thought I was well within my rights to rage against them when they wouldn't do what I wanted. They way I was a huge bully sometimes instead of a helpful, loving, teaching mom. The time I threw the hairbrush across the room. Or just slamming the kitchen cupboards. The times I should have been soft and sweet, but for the life of me I couldn't. All those wretched times.

     What hurts the most is knowing there are times I wont even remember, but they will. Because I think anyone who grew up with parents who got angry remembers incidents their parents do not. It makes me sad to know this. A very gut-wrenching kind of sad that doesn't let me breathe.

     The good news is the kids are still around. They didn't turn eighteen and scatter away as soon as they could. One of the girls moved into her own place when this fall semester started, but she's not disowned me yet! I managed to stop being such a screaming crazy freak a few years ago. I think mostly because of my husband, who is ever so patient and wonderful. He sets a fine example. Even so, forgiving myself for this may take a long time.

     I was just thinking yesterday about how now I realize why good grandparents are so amazing. It's because they know every little thing they did wrong and they know how to do better.

Monday, January 10, 2011

30 Days of Truth, Day 2: Something I Love About Myself


     So, what do I love about myself? When I know what I want I refuse to settle for anything less. I may wait more than ten years for the perfect argyle sweater, swoon over Fenton art Glass Gone With The Wind lamps for about the same amount of time, or just plain old go without something most people would not go without. But when I know what I want that is it.

     What about you? Do you hold out for what you really want, even if it means a long wait? Or do you go for something that will 'do for now'?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sarah Would Not Be Proud

Here's some ugly truth. Well, a few ugly truths. Sarah would not be proud, I'm not lying.

1. When I moved into this (rental) house someone had done a real hack job painting over wooden cabinets. I'm talking they didn't even clean them first. Awful. They also only did one coat. It covered where it covered, it didn't where it didn't. Also very streaky. Add big screws in some of the drawer fronts because they must have fallen apart. Some of the paint was already peeling off, especially around the grungy handles. They even painted straight over the hinges and around the handles. No hardware was taken off at all. Two words: Ugg Lee!

2. I'm lazy.

3. I'm making lazy into an art form. It's my gift to humanity.

4. I got sick of the peeling cabinets and drawer fronts and just everything. I also don't want to put a lot of effort into this place, because the old countertop is also peeling off the top. A considerable amount of my small counter is not connected in any way to the actual top of the cabinets. There is a piece missing from the front as well. My landlord is a fairly good person, but really only does what they want, when they want. Things I often find odd and confusing, but what can I do about it? In other words: I am not putting a lot of effort into this.

5. I got sick of it today, whipped out my Can of Marshmallow colored paint, and had a happy. I pulled out three of the drawers, removed the handles (shocking, I know!) and painted the drawer fronts, screws and all! Now, I admit to feeling just a twinge of guilt about this, but not much. When we moved in I thought of this as a very temporary housing situation. I think I have lived here longer than I have lived in any other house in my life.

6. Why am I turning this into a list with numbers? I've lost my whole train of thought. Oh well. Might as well go with it now!

7.Although I didn't sand the drawer fronts and there are still lumps and bumps in them but I'm okay with it. I am going to go ahead and do the cabinet doors, etc.

8. I'm lazy.

30 Days Of Truth - Day 1: Something I Hate About Myself

      I found this list at Hope. Dies. Last.

     Something I hate about myself is I am easily irritated. Super easily. Way, way, wayyyyy too easily. I even irritate myself. As I typed the last sentence someone did a half-yawn-half-gasp next to me and that irritated me too. I become irritated when people refuse to cooperate, when I can't do something well, when I don't understand something. I become irritated when someone else can not understand something. I spend a lot of time feeling irritated and it irritates me that I don't know how to overcome it. 

     So there, something I hate about myself: I'm irritable.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Endings

Suck: You are snuggled warm in bed and your husband wants you to go out into the 26 degrees bitter cold air with him.

Rock: Your husband wants to take you to dinner and a movie.

p.s. I highly recommend "The King's Speech."

3 in 30 - Week One


It's been  a week full of January already and my 3 in 30 goals, as I discussed here,  were:

To do a purge of the house.

To get the spare room in order.

To start moving with the Wii Fit or the XBox Kinect.

So far I have started to get the spare room in order, which has also started the purge. Baby steps. That's what I am taking. I haven't done any butt-moving with the Wii or Xbox, but I have shoveled the walk and driveway and done a little walking. 

So there's the first week. It's about what I expected, to be honest. I usually procrastinate.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Something New To Do!


Something new! If you click on the button and go to My Likes you will be able to earn money on facebook and twitter. According to them the average is $50 a month. Who would not want an extra $600 a year? I know I would! And this one is special because you earn money telling what you like. You aren't pushed into liking anything. As a matter of fact you can enter anything you like and it searches for you and lets you like exactly what you meant to like. I feel it's only fair to tell you if you click on the button or the link here I will get credit for referring you. Since I have over 1300 twitter followers someone just made a whopping $4 on me singing up through her link. Pretty cool for just sharing information, which is pretty much what we bloggers like to do anyway.

Have at it kids!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just Me Being Me

Thursday night was my daughter's birthday. Happy Birthday Allison! Nine of us had dinner and a very unexpected show.

Who wants to take me to dinner? Just sign up right here!

Wait! Dinner. Suprise Show?

     Our Thursday night was unusual. My daughter wanted to go to The Cheesecake Factory for her birthday. Sounds good to me! Of course there isn't one near the house. It takes around an hour to get there. I called to make reservations for our party of nine, but they only take reservations up to five o'clock. No, I wasn't calling after that time. They don't make evening reservations. Odd, no? Okay, so we go and wait. No big deal. Everyone else can walk around while I entertain myself watching people. Most of us ended up waiting in the restaurant. Half of Cleveland was there that night.

     Once our hour and a half wait was over we went to our table and got comfy. We perused the 20+ page menus. We ordered beverages and realized our server was just a lot sassy. We like her! We were feeling quite celebratory that night. It was Allison's birthday, and her boy Michael joined us. Crystal's boy Alex joined us as well. They each added so much fun to the evening. This is an exciting time for each of them. Michael was on the Akron Zips soccer team. They just won the NCAA Division 1 championship. He got signed to go play major league soccer. He leaves soon for the combine, and then the draft. Alex just graduated college with his engineering degree. His internship with the company he loves turned into a full-on job with benefits and stuff. We are all so happy for both of them.

     While we were waiting for our food a man at the next table started playing with is utensils. Musically. It was cooler than ice cream! He did it a few times. I got my son Michael (yes, two Michaels) to capture some with his new camera. We noticed the people at the table were all leaning in just mesmerized by this old man. We started trying to guess who he was. Two of the guys said "Indiana Jones." (It was the hat) I said we might be sitting right next to Leonard Cohen's drummer or something and not even know it. Alex was all "Leonard Cohen has a drummer?" (For this he gets wise-guy points, redeemable at any family function for cupcakes) Maybe also a kick under the table, who knows?

      We all gobbled up our scrumptious appetizers, entrees, and desserts and were still paying attention to this man. He was too interesting. I announced that I was going to have to meet him. My husband got up went to the wash room. I started to wish I had not said I was going to do it and just done it instead. Now the family is encouraging me in a "We can make fun of you for this forever, if you'll just do it" kind of way. I somehow managed to involve our server. I might have asked her if they paid by credit card and if it was his card and could she find out his name. Or something. She came back with no information but offered to approach them.

     She approached the table. I could not hear exactly what she said but they all looked over. Of course I smiled and waved and looked at the old man in the Indiana Jones hat and said "Are you famous? Because you should be famous!" The lady next to him turned to him and asked "Did you hear what she said?!" Then she repeated it to him. They laughed. I went over and sat next to him and he held my hand and did not let go. I told him his dinner companions were all looking at him as if he was a hot fudge sundae and hanging on his every word so he had to be an amazing man. Still a death grip on my hand. (Forget about how I molested Ray Bradbury, right?) We had our nice little chat. He told me he interviews people. His words: like an international Larry King.

     Back at my own table we were chatting and the family was no doubt thinking they can't take me anywhere. The man and his group stop by on the way out the door. His friend leaned down and told me that while he himself is really a nobody, the other man is indeed famous. "Look up Marty Conn when you get home", he tells me. "I think You'll be surprised." I informed him that I am also a nobody.

     Since we are nothing if not technologically overindulged, we looked him up on the way home. Yeah, he's just a little bit interesting.
Two pieces of Marty trivia:
He was the last person to interview Bob Hope.
He helped launch the careers of Jay Leno and Barbara Streisand.

*Me with Marty. The photo is fine, I am a blurry person. Also, the camera adds 50 pounds.

The moral of the story is I am always right If I say you should be famous, you should!

     Now I wonder if Alex and Michael will ever been seen with us in public again?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Something New


I am joining together with some other people to do "3 in 30" for the year. I'll be setting myself up at the start of each month with three goals for the month. So here I go. Three goals for January. This is difficult because part of me feels like goals are only there to taunt me. The other part of me feels like three is nowhere near enough because I'm lacking in so many ways. Three it is, anyway.

The first one is easy: I will do a HUGE purge of the house. We will throw away some, and give away lots more. This includes taking it to the drop off locations.

The second thing for January is not easy. I want to get the spare room in order. Right now it has turned into the thing I swore it wouldn't: A drop off/shove it in there room for everything without a proper place. It is going to be a usable guest room at minimum.

The third thing for January is that I am going to start moving my butt again. I have to do it soon or I'm afraid I'll get to the point where I can not move my butt. This would not be good. I am not sure if it will be Wii Fit, Xbox, yoga dvds, or what. All I know is that I need to start moving again. I don't drink or smoke and I never have. There is no reason I should be huffing and puffing after some stairs.

There you have it! My January goals. Notice there isn't a goal about getting the house perfect in the first five days and keeping it that way all month. No, I'm being realistic. I want to do the work, and an unattainable goal means I will not do it.

Wish me luck.