Friday, February 13, 2015

We Really Did Ring In The New Year!

     There are so many great things happening my mind can't get calm. Christmas was lovely. Four generations of happy, healthy people getting to share so much together is a gift better than any other. 

     Just a couple of days ago I celebrated the 89th birthday of my grandfather with him. 

     New Years Day was exciting, too. 

These two kids got engaged! 

     My daughter is getting married. How odd it feels to say it, and to hear myself say it. I might have said it a hundred times by now and it still feels weird. I am so happy because she has really met a wonderful man and I know they will have a happy life together. I have watched her become happier as the days go by, even just since New Years Day! 

     A few days after the proposal we went  dress shopping.

     We found her an amazing dress. (No, this isn't the one) We spent hours and she tried a lot of dresses. Then she tried on the last three many more times. Then she tried on the last two many more times. There were many which were gorgeous on her. (Face it, everything was gorgeous on her!)  I think she chose one which is very much 'her'.  A few days after finding the dress we went to a bridal show and she kept going back to one booth - it was a venue. She loved it already. We came home that night and she called to make an appointment for us to go see it the next day. She doesn't usually act so quickly, so I knew she really wanted to get this place reserved. We went to see it and the next day when she got home from work and school she told me her groom had secured the place for them! I guess he really wanted to make sure they got it, too!

     Now we are working on everything else. Boy is there a lot of stuff to do! If you have hints and tips I'm accepting them all because I really do not have a clue what I am doing.  I think the real important things are already in place. The right two people, the dress, and the place. Anything else is a bonus. 

     So tell me, what's going on with you?