Thursday, October 25, 2012

For The Love Of Dogs

     When we first got our little furry love, he was just a puppy. Puppy - baby, same thing. He would spit up all the time. He rejected kibble most of the time. He would eat a food for a little while, then he would refuse it, too. It was worrisome. I read a lot about it and ended up cooking for him. Eggs in the morning, boiled chicken and brown rice, ground beef and rice, etc. Still, his stomach problems persisted. He grew tired of eggs so I began making him oatmeal in the mornings. 

     We were in one of those pet botiques which popped up in the malls in recent years, and my husband found him a bag of treats. He was always buying him more stuff he wouldn't eat. But our picky little shih tzu loved these treats. I returned to the store to buy some more. I went to ask for the Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Crunch. They didn't know what I was talking about. They didn't care stuff permanently. I did what any person does out of love. I scoured the internet for the treats. 


     I don't know how long it took me to try the Stella & Chewy's dinners, because they are not inexpensive. If you believe a dog should eat the least expensive stuff you can throw in the dish, this is not for you. But if you are like me, and you can't believe it, but you love the little critter with your whole heart and would do anything for your doggie, this may be for you. Especially if your dog has paws smelling of Fritos, is always licking them (Frito paws are itchy!) or vomits much. There are no grains or fillers in this food. 

     I gave up trying to find it in stores and always order from Amazon. There may be a better price out there somewhere, because I've been ordering it for years and haven't checked in a while. I get free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime, so I stuck with Amazon. 

     This year we added another pup to the family. She's been eating Stella & Chewy's since we brought her home. No upset stomach problems for her. 

     If you have a picky little shih tzu who wont eat anything, try it! Or, if you have a picky puppy of any breed. 

     Oh, and it's made in the U.S.A. - in Wisconson. 

*Stella and Chewy's did not compensate me in any way to write this post, nor do they have any knowledge in advance of my posting it. This has been an answer to prayers for us and I wanted to share it with people who may be searching with the same problem we were having. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mysteries Of The Universe, Unravelled

     If you've ever doubted for even a minute, the charmed, charmed life I lead you need to find out why even Click on this link, or you have cooties --->Chicken Poop is lucky for me. <--- Click on that link! I mean it!

      Try not to be jealous. We can't all be this lucky. But I bet if you think very, very hard you can remember a time poop was lucky for you, too. I can't wait to hear about it!


Even Chicken Poop Is Lucky

     Yes, you read that right. In my experience, chicken poop is a lovely, lucky thing. Here's what happened:

     This lady, we'll call her 'Darla'- (because her name is really Marla, you see, so I'm protecting her identity because I am thoughtful) decided to have a giveaway on her blog. And I think 'Darla' was sitting around asking herself  "Self, how do those big judging agencies who give away big prizes, and the people who pull names for jury selection and God, in his infinite wisdom, decide who gets what?" And I think it dawned on her right at that moment - they let God's creatures decide!

     So she gets her bright idea and she runs with it, runs like the wind! Right out to the barn, I reckon. She engineered the most righteous, ridiculous, amazing, fair giveaway in the history of ever.

     She wrote all the names on paper and took the giant thing out for the chickens to poop on it. First poop to land on a name = winner! Well guess who some chicken pooped on first??? Me! I won a $45 gift certificate to CSN stores, which is now Wayfair. (I have used them a lot - fast shipping and great problem resolution, in the rare instances I've had a problem)

     My records show the next day I ordered a: Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 6 Quart Covered Stockpot. My records don't lie. I bet this was not a coincidence.

     If you don't believe me, go read 'Darla's' post yourself, where she chronicles the whole dang thing. Really, she is hilarious. You just can't make this stuff up.

     I also thinks this makes us even, winged population, for the time a bird pooped right on my head as I was standing in my front yard. At the time my friend was laughing her fool head off and I was just plain embarrassed, but now I see what the universe had planned.

    And it was Kismet, people, because She posted about the win on October 25th, which is my husband's birthday. I should always win something on my husband's birthday.

*Wayfair stores in no way sponsored, endorsed, or had previous knowledge of me writing this post.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Does Your House Say About You?

This question really came from somewhere else. Go check it out, I'll wait. 

     What does my home say about me? To my face it’s fairly quiet, but behind my back I suspect it tells everyone who will listen that I am  hopelessly sentimental.
     You see, our house is brand new. As it was being built it probably thought about all the newfangled, fancy, modern items it was going to house. A series of Nest thermostats, a kitchen island with the little kick at the end, an intercom, built in speakers throughout, etc. Oh, it thought it was going to be fan-SAY.
     But no. I moved in with my great grandmother’s treadle sewing machine and put my great-great grandfather’s church pew right in the entryway. A buffet which went through four generations of a family landed in the dining room, and their old piano in the front parlour. I've lugged in vintage and antique typewriters, tables, mail sorters, projectors, dressing tables, beds, armoires, dressers and chests. I think I heard my house sigh when I went out to the garage and began to… build my own bed.
     My house will tell you – I am hopelessly sentimental. What does your house say about you?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Here's Your Chance!

     I have a bunch of things going on, and I seem to be starting new projects before finishing the ones I already have underway. I am dumping them out here on my blog to share with everyone, hoping to basically shame myself into sticking to it and getting them all finished. When I do I'll come here and show the finished projects, and you can all tell me how great I did, and how proud you are that I did it! Sounds like a plan, right?

     Feel free to heckle me if I am not getting them done. Be relentless. Send tools, chocolate, and ponytail holders to keep me going. 

     Here are some of the projects I have in an incomplete state right now: 

Yes, the crazy lady is building a bed. Not just any bed, a farmhouse bed.  The headboard and footboard are put together, and I've been sanding until I can't feel my hands. Seriously.  

Dinah is still laying on a huge (also unfinished) desk in the garage. I really need the whole neighborhood to come and help me get her upright in the garage, and secured to the wall.   Then I will be able to tackle her insides.

Built in bookshelves in the office. Honestly, they are further along than this right now. They have trim and are extended up to the ceiling and have the crowne moulding and baseboard in place. They need caulked and painted. 

You don't need to see more. But know this: I have a list as long as my arm (and that's just the beginning) of projects for the house. I am hoping to get an appliance garage started and finished this week. It's going in the coat closet. In our Ravenna the coat closet is the most underutilized space in the whole house. It is going to be the home for my fondue pot, food processor, toaster, toaster oven, giant roaster oven, George Foreman Grill, vertical storage for baking pans, etc. I will put hooks in the mudroom and I have a very strange idea I'm not willing to share just yet for the front  door area. 

Yes, I'm starting the closet-to-appliance-garage conversion before I finish the other unfinished projects. 

Let the heckling commence!

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Question for Ravenna Owners

     You know that bedroom in the back by the hall bath? Do you have heating/cooling issues with that room? If you did, and they fixed it, what did they do?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

World Market Find

I had to stop at World Market yesterday for Chili Seasoning. We really like one of their blends. They had changed up the store, much to my chagrin, but I decided to browse just a little anyway. Look what I found!

 I found this fabulous measuring carafe.  Isn't she a beauty?
She's a big girl, too. Tall and slender.

 She measures Sugar in three languages! She also measures sugar, flour and rice in grams and ounces. Then there are sides  for ML, Cups, and Fluid ounces. FAN-CY!

And she comes with this handy pouring spout as our gift to you!

Pretty cool, huh?

If you want one you better run to your World Market or  call and ask them to hold it, because there was only one left at my World Market after I bought this one.

She was a steal at $12.99