Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Does Your House Say About You?

This question really came from somewhere else. Go check it out, I'll wait. 

     What does my home say about me? To my face it’s fairly quiet, but behind my back I suspect it tells everyone who will listen that I am  hopelessly sentimental.
     You see, our house is brand new. As it was being built it probably thought about all the newfangled, fancy, modern items it was going to house. A series of Nest thermostats, a kitchen island with the little kick at the end, an intercom, built in speakers throughout, etc. Oh, it thought it was going to be fan-SAY.
     But no. I moved in with my great grandmother’s treadle sewing machine and put my great-great grandfather’s church pew right in the entryway. A buffet which went through four generations of a family landed in the dining room, and their old piano in the front parlour. I've lugged in vintage and antique typewriters, tables, mail sorters, projectors, dressing tables, beds, armoires, dressers and chests. I think I heard my house sigh when I went out to the garage and began to… build my own bed.
     My house will tell you – I am hopelessly sentimental. What does your house say about you?

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  1. That's funny - I was just thinking about Nate Berkus the other day, as I try to figure out what to hang on these walls. It's super important to me that most of the things that populate our home are things we love -- whether it's the large canvas print of a red flower that my husband took himself, or my grandmother's old typewriter that my kids have rediscovered. My hope is that this home is a wonderful combination of good looks and passion.

  2. I am hopelessly in love with vintage and high class furnishings which translates into a eclectic fashionable and functional home. I want us to live in and enjoy every room of our home. I never cared for rooms that's suppose to to just sit pretty because everyday is special to me. My vision has always been to purchase furniture that is solid to last for years and collect items that have value to both my husband and I. Plus my vision is for each person who comes to our home to feel at home because I love entertaining. In other words, our home has a story to tell, too.

  3. Oh how I love this question. I just had this conversation with my husband last week. It started because I have been walking through all these accessory stores and I just keep seeing versions of the same "things". None of which really feels special to me. I told my husband that I just don't want to fill our home with stuff. I want there to be meaning. My husband travels globally for his job so I have been begging him to return home with art or pottery (easier said than done).
    Our office: Large Old world looking maps of world and USA. A cabinet maker friend is making frames with cork backing so the kids can pin every place dad goes on his trips. USA map will be pinned with every place we have gone as a family (so far, 29 states). An awesome Aztec calendar that was made by a co-worker of my husbands who lives in Mexico. He says it is tradition to be given this calendar for a new home. SO AWESOME!!!The colors are so vibrant and beautiful, and I cannot wait to put this up in our home.
    I have some pottery I bought on a trip and I am blowing up pics of my favorite trees from our old house to frame.
    I want our basement to be colorful and fun so I am taking some of my kids artwork (yes, I've saved tons) and framing them to display as art (cheap and meaningful). As a bonus, I get to embarrass them when their friends come over.
    My home will say that my family is adventurous, appreciates where we have been, and we don't take ourselves too seriously.

  4. I LOVE that you have so many cherished sentimental things in your home. I have a few pieces myself, and I think they just add so much more depth to what's inside.

    Thanks for showing off this giveaway!