Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Here's Your Chance!

     I have a bunch of things going on, and I seem to be starting new projects before finishing the ones I already have underway. I am dumping them out here on my blog to share with everyone, hoping to basically shame myself into sticking to it and getting them all finished. When I do I'll come here and show the finished projects, and you can all tell me how great I did, and how proud you are that I did it! Sounds like a plan, right?

     Feel free to heckle me if I am not getting them done. Be relentless. Send tools, chocolate, and ponytail holders to keep me going. 

     Here are some of the projects I have in an incomplete state right now: 

Yes, the crazy lady is building a bed. Not just any bed, a farmhouse bed.  The headboard and footboard are put together, and I've been sanding until I can't feel my hands. Seriously.  

Dinah is still laying on a huge (also unfinished) desk in the garage. I really need the whole neighborhood to come and help me get her upright in the garage, and secured to the wall.   Then I will be able to tackle her insides.

Built in bookshelves in the office. Honestly, they are further along than this right now. They have trim and are extended up to the ceiling and have the crowne moulding and baseboard in place. They need caulked and painted. 

You don't need to see more. But know this: I have a list as long as my arm (and that's just the beginning) of projects for the house. I am hoping to get an appliance garage started and finished this week. It's going in the coat closet. In our Ravenna the coat closet is the most underutilized space in the whole house. It is going to be the home for my fondue pot, food processor, toaster, toaster oven, giant roaster oven, George Foreman Grill, vertical storage for baking pans, etc. I will put hooks in the mudroom and I have a very strange idea I'm not willing to share just yet for the front  door area. 

Yes, I'm starting the closet-to-appliance-garage conversion before I finish the other unfinished projects. 

Let the heckling commence!

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  1. I love the book shelves in the office. Can I ask where you found them or how you made them...dimensions etc....our office is used as a toy room currently (a very chaotic one at that) and while I was going for the same idea you have it hasn't worked out for me....perhaps you can share some insite on this great storage you have going on in there!! Keep up the good work....can't wait to see all the finished projects.

  2. The bookshelves are from IKEA!

    Check out this post, which explains in detail and gives you a link to their page where you can plug in what you want and see exactly how it will look in your space. I love it!

    Here's the post where you can get all of that information:


  3. Very impressive! Can't wait to see the bed, especially!

  4. I love the bed so far. Can't wait to see it finished. And I am very interested in those IKEA bookshelves since I have been pricing things out for our office and the cost is ridiculous! Of course, IKEA is almost 2 hours away so I have to consider that in my grand plan;)

  5. IKEA is very far from us, too. I went to Pittsburgh to get to an IKEA. But I had already worked it all out on their nifty online tool and knew exactly what I was getting.