Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friends and Angels

Suck: You are gone.

Rock: You left behind a bunch of great people to hold up one another.

We're all trying our best, but you didn't make this easy, did you?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Victoria Mackenzie Jackson, You Doll


     Wow. I have no idea where to start. I love you. I miss you. I am so glad we went to see "She Loves Me" at the same time. I am glad we got to share a hug and our sentiments. I wish you had not left us so soon, I had big plans for us, starting with more hot fudge cakes and continuing into sharing your babies with you and watching them grow up. I still hope God sends me a grandchild just like you. I am allowed to hope for anything I want.

     Thank you for being a part of our family, for teaching us so much, for not judging my terrible singing voice, for calling me mom, and my mother grandma, for sharing your wonderful parents and punky little brother with us, for always making me feel like you love me, for always letting me love you like my own third daughter, for throwing that wheat penny at me, for sending huge beautiful snowflakes at just the right time, for enjoying mini cupcakes, for sharing bags of mints from Abuelos, joining our family at Great Wolf Lodge, being a witness to Zachary, and your enthusiasm for everything.