Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Another Crack In My Heart - More Light Gets In


I am feeling so overwhelmed - 
I am certain I have reached the pinnacle of love and joy possible in this world.
I was born into a family who know how to love and make you feel special, we are all treasured. 
We all know it, and we all treasure each other.
I had my first child and thought "This is the height of love. This is as full as a heart can get." 
Then more children came, and with each one a magical expansion I could have never imagined.
 More treasures - there are no words to do justice to this.
Those children walk and talk, start school and graduate. They reach all kinds of milestones. 
With each one my cup runs over, and so do my eyes.

My daughter brought home a young man who was immediately recognized as someone special. 
Right away I knew he is hers and she is his. I watched them carefully get to know each other. 
I watched her in awe of him, overwhelmed by her respect for him. I remember this feeling. 
I felt it when I met the man who has loved me so deeply and looked after my heart so well.

As I watched them stand, trembling, reciting the vows they wrote to each other my heart did it again.
I think we were all anointed again, with even more love than we knew we could hold.

It's overflowing.

There is an abundance of love and joy for us all. More than we could ever imagine. 
It will keep on coming, overwhelming us in new ways. 
Wonderful ways.

My daughter is a Mrs. now! These two are going to have a beautiful life together. 

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