Tuesday, March 31, 2009

List of Super-Smart Things I Did This Week. (and it's only Tuesday)

When I went to feed the dog his gravied-up food I missed his bowl (and the counter!) completely and it plopped on the floor. I went to grab paper towels to clean it up. I was going to get him a new one. He proceeded to eat it from the floor. Because... he is a dog. Yes, my dog is smarter than me. Surprise!

My daughter, who is just like me, backed up into a 4 inch curb and managed to bend the muffler into an L shape. If that's not enough, the muffler also managed to be wedged at the bottom of the tire. This counts as me because, as I already told you, she's just like me.

I have managed to insult several people without meaning to, of course. This is part of my considerable charm. My ability to say the wrong thing at just the right time will someday be world renowned.

I have forgotten, again, to go to the post office. I have had things to mail for weeks and managed to not get it done. This is very much out of character for me. One of the things I am good about is getting stuff shipped. Usually.

I have procrastinated in other areas as well. I did not get the luggage together for an upcoming trip. The flight is tomorrow. I'm still searching for one specific piece of luggage. It was hanging in the basement. It is not there now. Of course nobody knows where it is.

Posting this now, because I left it sitting (more procrastination) and if I do not post it soon it will not be Tuesday.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mini Faux Cupcakes Fo-cakes? Fo sho!


It is only funny to me and the six other people on the face of the planet who share my sense of humor. I hope I meet one of them some day. I'm lame, I know it. It's one of my endearing qualities. Right?

Moving on. I read about cupcake balls a few places on the internet and was mildly interested. Then I was reading The Pioneer Woman one day and saw the mini cupcake looking cupcake ball treats and thought "OHMYGOSH! I can actually do this!" So I commenced to doin'. I made these last night and I had a lot of fun. They're cute, too. For once I didn't worry about being perfect, maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much. I know these pictures are not the best. They were snapped in haste by a volunteer, and I'm grateful. I will make more soon and I hope to post better pictures. This recipe was on The Pioneer Woman, with better pictures. She had Bakerella over to give a demonstration. Bakerella makes all kinds of cute varieties and shows them on her site.

Here's how simple it was:
1. Bake a 9x13 cake. Even from a box. Whatever flavor you like. I did chocolate.
2. Let the cake cool completely. I cooled mine overnight.
3. In a large bowl, completely crumble up the cake.
4. Add 2 cups frosting and mush it all together until it is completely mixed. Use your hands. It feels like quicksand when you're done. Not that I have ever felt quicksand. But it does. (2 cups is exactly the amount in a tub of frosting from the grocery store!)
5. put the mixture in the fridge and get it nice and cold. I put mine in for at least a couple of hours, but Bakerella says an hour should be good.
6. Take it out and roll it into balls. I used a Tupperware coffee scoop to sort of measure it. Just so all the balls would be of equal sizes. You can just use your hands, or use a cookie scoop, or whatever else you want. This is supposed to make about 50. The scoop I used made 48. Next time I'm going to make them a bit smaller. Just my preference.
7. Put the rolled balls in the fridge for about an hour. I ran to the store to buy chocolate while mine were in the fridge. The bags of milk chocolate I thought I had were nowhere to be found.
8. Take the balls out of the fridge.
9. Fill candy cups (the kind you would use for a peanut butter cup) about a third way full to half full. You'll sort of get the hang of it after you do a couple.
10. Put a cake ball down into each chocolate filled spot.
11. Put the tray in the fridge for a few minutes. By the time I did the next tray, the first one was ready to come out.
12. Turn the tray upside down and gently push the bottom of each piece of candy in the mold. They will pop right out.
13. Dip the part of the cake ball which is still exposed into a different color of melted chocolate.
14. Sprinkle with whatever kind of decorative stuff you want.
15. Wait two seconds then eat!
16. You can wait longer than two seconds, if you want.

Bakerella says these can be stored in an airtight container for up to two weeks with no problem and no refrigeration. Although you can put them in the fridge if you would like.

*I say airtight is too much. As an old Tupperware lady I say never keep cake in an airtight container. This is why Tupperware ladies never tell you to burp your cake taker. It promotes fast mold. Also, as an experiment I put some in an airtight container and some were not in an airtight container. After a few days (Bakerella says they can be kept up to two weeks) the ones in an airtight container were sweating. I say give them some air. The ones getting air are still in perfect condition.

They really do taste better the second day. According to Bakerella they get better every day. We shall see! I'm taking some to my granparents tomorrow. I'll be making them again for Easter.

SUPER BIG HINTS: If your cupcake balls are too cold and the chocolate very hot suction starts to play a part. If the chocolate gets low in the dipping dish = suction. And I had TOTAL suction when I tried her spoon tap trick. Little suckers would not release from the spoon. This is why I made two cupcake balls and 46 with the chocolate molds. Definitely do the chocolate molds. Cuter and way easier.

Oh yeah, you will need:
A homemade 9x13 cake or 1 cake mix baked in a 9x13 inch pan.
16 oz, 2 cups, or one tub of frosting from the grocery store.
Sprinkles or whatever you want to decorate the tops.
1 bag of milk chocolate (or whatever color/s you want) for the bottoms.
1 bag of whatever color/s chocolate you want for the tops.

(You will have leftover chocolate) I got my chocolate at Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics. I know they even sell it at WalMart. I used Wilton's candy melts because I have worked with them a lot in the past and am very comfortable with them. I think they are super easy to use. You could also use chocolate bark (aka almond bark)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Migas, My Way

I know it looks like I cook something about once a month. Eh, close enough to the truth.

So I do not have pictures (again) because the battery in my camera is dead. I've known for a week, but I'm lazy. I did make some delicious migas this morning, which made my husband happier than a charged battery ever could.

Here's what I used this morning:
Eggs (this morning I used 6)
Whipping cream (or half & half if you're a sissy) (or milk if you have lost the will to live)
Corn tortillas (this morning I used 3)
Vegetable oil (enough to put about a quarter inch in a small pan)
Olive oil ( I poured in about enough)
Butter (I used a glob)
One Roma tomato
About half a good-sized onion
A handful of leftover french fries
A jalepeno
About 25 twigs of cilantro
A handful of shredded co-jack (use whatever cheese makes you happy)

That was it this morning.

Heat the oil in the small pan and start your tortillas. I fry mine until they have a little bit of standyness. (It should be a word) They don't flop over and fold up if you try to stand them up. Who tries to stand up tortillas? Weirdos. I do. To see if they are fried the way I want. I use an 8" skillet for these.

Crack the eggs and pour in some of your whipping cream. (trust me, whipping cream makes the texture ahhhhmazing. Whisk those up and let them set. I don't know why, this is just the order I do things.

Pour some olive oil in a large skillet. I used a 10" skillet this morning. Add your glob of butter. Set it to medium heat and melt them together.

Cut up your onion. I semi-dice. I like to have small pieces and a few larger pieces of onion. This is just my preference. Toss onion in the 10" skillet. (hey, don't forget about those tortillas you are frying!)

Cut up the french fries into bite-sized bits. Toss them in the 10" skillet.

Let the fries and the onion cook together for a couple of minutes.

Cut up the jalepeno. I do like to dice this fairly small. Although not tiny. I love the textures. Toss the jalepeno into the 10" skillet. This. smells. so. good.

Cut up the tomato and toss it in the skillet. That sizzle was a beautiful sound, wasn't it? Once these are incorporated into the rest of the yummy stuff turn the heat down and give it a minute. You don't want the eggs to cook too fast.

Keep tending to those corn tortillas!

Add your whisked eggs and cream. I use a rubber spatula to gently move my eggs in the pan. You don't want to chop them up and stir them around. Be gentle, these are nice eggs.

Chop up the cilantro. I use a good part of the stems, too.

Take the fried tortillas and cut them, like a little pizza, into 8 pieces. I just stack mine on top of each other and use a pizza wheel.

When the eggs are only going to be folded one more time I toss in the tortillas, cheese, and cilantro.

Fold the eggs for the final time and turn off the heat, leaving the pan on the skillet. Leave the pan on the skillet? What was I thinking? I mean leave the skillet/pan on the burner. You are so lucky to have me.

Add a little bit of salt, and start eating! If you have enough patience to get a plate, more power to you.

You will want to eat these three times a week. I could almost give up chocolate for these. Almost.

*I forgot the garlic today, which I usually add right before I add the tomato.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Four Pieces of Candy for Breakfast

Suck: When the puppy did it. Now he's spaz-o-pup.

Rock: When you did it.


Suck: When they make a difficult mistake you feel more profoundly than they do.

Rock: When they make you feel that puffy-chest feeling of being proud and happy for them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Preparation Is The Key

Suck: Sunrise, when you are not ready.

Rock: Sunrise over the ocean. Especially as watched from the beach. Or a hammock.

I Did Not Get Arrested! (aka The Martian Chronicles)

Did I ever tell you about the time I molested Ray Bradbury? No? I guess I was still waiting for the police to show up at my door. I think it's safe now.

My husband is a huge fan of Ray Bradbury. He was a little kid taking Ray Bradbury books on boy scout camp-outs to avoid death by boredom/frustration. It's a very real ailment, I assure you. For years now my husband would out-of-the-blue announce that Ray Bradbury was having a speaking engagement at this or that place. Then he would say he really should go. He would not go. I would feel kind of guilty. It was for a good reason like needing to spend the money on gasoline or electric bills or sugar-free Popsicles. Or good chocolate. Chocolate gets its' very own sentence. Or two. Or three. Make it stop!

Last month my husband announced Ray Bradbury would be speaking at Sierra Madre High School in Sierra Madre, California. This is where I pull down the map of the United States and count the states from Ohio to California like Tom Hanks did in Sleepless in Seattle. Ohio and California are not so close. But for some reason this time I did not help him get discouraged about the possibility. Instead, I spent many hours researching hotels. I found us a great deal on a hotel/air combo (GooooooooOOOOO Priceline!) and we shot off to Los Angeles.

We decided to get to the high school two hours early. Nothing was going to go wrong. We walked around the enchanting little town of Sierra Madre. We made some new friends (hi Karen!) and went back to the school to get our seats. There was hardly anyone there when we first got there, but after a while the place was full to capacity. Ray came out and talked (you can read more about this on my other blog.)

After the talk people stood in line anxiously to get their book of choice signed. And I say anxiously because they had announced he would only be signing a book for the first 100 people. We had some helpful reassurance from John of the Dragon Lapel Pin Tribe, and I stood around making friends in front of the stage while the Lion stood in line making his own friends. Today I wish I had thought to share information with some of those lovely people.

My husband got up on stage and I took pictures of him with Ray. A really nice lady took some pictures of both of us with Ray. At some point, and this is where it gets good, I grabbed Ray Bradbury's hand and forced it open. (And I really did have to force it open - it was not an easy task!) Then I kissed his palm and thanked him profusely. Then I started crying. I'm not sure if I cried from embarrassment or pure emotion.

As far as I know I am not banned from further speaking events.

As a matter of fact I think it was well received. We got to walk him to his car. And nobody else got to do that!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Yoplait Yo-Plus Review and Gift Bag Giveaway

I got a chance to try Yoplait's new Yoplus yogurt this week. Having tried other yogurts offering to help my digestive health, I was expecting something less than lovely. I had a nice surprise when I opened the top and started to eat my cherry yogurt. Good flavor and nice texture. A nice change from others I have tried.

I give it an A+.

You can go download a coupon for $1.50 off a 4-pack of Yoplus yogurt. Isn't that generous of them?

If you go to the Yo-Plus website you can take their survey, sign up for their email newsletter, get another coupon for $1.00, and learn how it works, among other things.

With probiotics, 3 grams of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin D you can not really go wrong, can you? We women need to take care of ourselves. There are not a lot of ways to both treat and take care of yourself. What better way to do it than with a tasty snack which is also good for you?
Yoplait has been generous enough to say I can choose three of you to win one of these gift bags. It's a good-sized bag, with a 32 oz. water bottle, a notebook, and a coupon for a free 4-pack of Yoplus. Good stuff, all of it!

Here is how you can enter to win:

-For one entry, tell me how you are trying to maintain good health.

-For one entry, go fill out the quick survey at the yoplait site. Come here and leave a comment saying you did.

-For one entry sign up for the Yoplait newsletter. Leave a comment here saying you did.

-For one entry sign up for my email updates or for RSS feeds. Leave a comment saying you did.

-For one entry tweet about this giveaway. Leave a comment with a link to your tweet. You may do this daily if you wish. Write your own tweet or here is a tweet you can use:

"YoPlait Yo-Plus Gift Bag Giveaway @ If You Could See What I See http://tinyurl.com/d2tw5l go enter! Please RT"

-For one entry follow me on blogger and leave a comment saying you did.

-For one entry fave me on technorati, digg, kirtsy, stumble, facebook link, etc. this giveaway and leave a comment saying you did.

-For 5 entries blog about this giveaway. Leave 5 comments for your 5 entries.

That's a lot of entries, right? But if you really want to win and you can think of other great methods of entry go for it. Be sure to leave a comment here.

The three winners will be drawn some time on April 1st. If you get your entry in by the time I do the drawing, you are in on time. I think this is U.S. entries only.

**My friend Jessica was also giving away 3 Yoplait Gift bags. It ended March 30th. If you entered hers you can give yourself another entry in mine. **

***I will now being doing this drawing by hand since I forgot my own rules (yay, me!) and deleted what I thought were accidental extra comments. You will get 5 comments for blogging, even if I mistakenly erased your comments. Sorry. I'm just that brilliant sometimes.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Omni California Plaza, Los Angeles

From the moment we arrived at the Omni California Plaza we were treated like valued guests. Considering we booked our trip on Priceline, let's just say I was not expecting this. Sometimes you book a trip online at a discount site and the hotel treats you less than stellar. Not the case with the Omni California Plaza.

Omni Hotels have what they call a Select Guest Program. Go enroll, you'll thank me later. Because we enrolled in Select guest before we went, they knew our preferences. Corner room, check. High Floor, check. King bed, check. Quiet room, check. Newspaper of choice, in our case the NY Times, check. But that's not all! They also brought the Los Angeles Times every morning. You can be catered to in other ways as a select guest as well. Pillow preference, Smoking vs. non, near elevator or away, etc. There are just too many options to list here. Registration is free, so go check it out yourself.
My favorite part of being in the Select Guest Program was the complimentary drinks (your choice of one hot & one cold drink per guest) they sent up in the morning. We always chose the hot chocolate and the orange juice because they were both out of this world. I don't know how to duplicate their hot chocolate or I would - every morning. And with a quick search I've found this! (Hey, sometimes it pays to click my links and just see what I'm talking about, folks) Another wish granted, courtesy of Omni hotels.

Our location was great, the view was great, the room was great, and the staff was very accomodating. When I say the view was great - even though we were in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, we could see the Hollywood sign from our room.

If you are staying in Los Angeles, I definitely recommend this hotel.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About The Poll

I had this poll in my sidebar:

You find a company with a WONDERFUL product. You write a complimentary email, which is understating it, and they send you back a rude email. Do you recommend their product to others?

There were exactly 50 responses.

45 of you (90%) said "No"
5 of you (10%) said "Yes"

Thank you for helping me out. A few of you asked if this was a hypothetical situation or if it really happened. It really happened. I was so torn because the product was A++, but the dude doesn't know how to talk to people. And it's not a big company. I'm not sure how many people they employ, but I know they make their own products and have one store. For all I know this guy is an owner/co-owner. They are hoping to build internet business. Because I loved their product I was about to 1: order a lot and 2: talk about it a lot, in a lot of places. Then I got the email and wondered if I would have been happier not knowing about this product/these people in the first place. After all, if this is how someone treats customers who are ready to spread the word about them when they are hoping to build business through word of mouth, how will they treat everyone else? What if, God forbid, someone had an actual complaint? Do I want to send people to be treated poorly? After all, the world doesn't really need their product. (Although I do contend I am happier with it than without it. Considerably happier.)

After the poll I have decided not to direct any business to their company. I'm sort of sad about it, because I was so excited. Most people seem to feel it is better this way. And since I was so torn I am going with public opinion on this one. I will not have anything negative to say about them. Not publicly anyway. My friends read the letter when I first got it since I could not believe it and thought maybe I was taking it wrong. They agreed it was out of line.

I ordered their product again. I will order from them in the future. They are that good. I just wont be shouting from the rooftops "Hey, this is the best _________ ever!"

Thank you for your help.

By the way, do you have a good company you can recommend? Please share. It can be an Etsy artisan, a huge company, a mom & pop shop. Whatever impresses you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Congratulations, Flip Notes Winners!

Here are the two Flip Notes winners:

Carolyn G. - Emerald Flip Notes

Josie - Wild Green Flip Notes

Congratulations! I will be contacting each of you shortly.

Look for a new giveaway in the next couple of days.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cleaning House

Suck: Cell phone dropped all your stored contacts.

Rock: You just dropped off boxes at Goodwill.

Nice Hotel Rooms

Suck: Candy from the minibar is eight dollars.

Rock: Eight little bottles of ketchup are free.

What's That Smell?

Suck: Puppy just got home from the park.

Rock: Puppy just got out of the bath.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

World's Best Husband Meets World's Greatest Lover.


My husband has appreciated Ray Bradbury since he was very young. He would take his books in his backpack to make Boy Scout camp outs tolerable. The stories affected him in many ways. One thing it did was give him a love for the United States. I think because of Ray Bradbury I am the luckiest girl in the world. Without him, I may have never known my husband.

Every once in a while over the past few years my husband would announce to me that Ray Bradbury was having a speaking engagement at this or that place. He would say he really should go. There were always reasons why he did not go. Usually it came down to there being so many responsibilities he just did not think he should do it. In February there was another speaking event. In Los Angeles. This is where I pull down the map of the U.S. just like Tom Hanks did in Sleepless in Seattle and start counting states out loud. Ohio is not right next door to California by any stretch of the imagination. I knew my husband was waiting for me to tell him why it would be imprudent to make the journey. But this time I did not indulge that particular fantasy. This time I encouraged him to go. I found us a really great deal on airfare and hotel and off we went!

We arrived early to Sierra Madre High School. Two hours early. Just in case, you know? There was no way we were going to miss this. We walked around the town and into lovely shops with even lovelier shopkeepers. After an enchanting walk around the town we headed back to the high school and took a seat in their quaint auditorium.

Ray was introduced, and he began to speak. I wasn't expecting to be wowed by him. I am not sure exactly what I expected. Someone impersonal and formal, talking about writing in some mundane way. What an unexpected treat we had when Mr. Bradbury spoke! I guess the first thing he did which was unexpected happened before he even spoke. They had a table set up on stage for him to sit behind to give his talk. He asked them to remove it. I found it charming that he wanted to be more intimate with us. I wont tell you what he said, although I might add a video if I can work it out. He has a great sense of humor and an absolute love of life. He's the kind of guy we could sit up with late at night, talking about all sorts of things. He would be great fun in a game of "Apples to Apples." He would likely not be impressed with my writing skills. But then, neither are you. So what?

My husband had some communication with a man named John. I don't know John's last name, I just knew to look for the guy with the dragon pin on his lapel. He helped me make my husband's dream come true that night. So John with the dragon pin on your lapel, wherever you are, I love you. And thank you. I know that's not enough, but It's all I have right now.

My husband was grinning like a ten year old birthday boy getting a table full of dreams as Mr. Bradbury spoke. It all went by way too fast. Mr. Bradbury got a much deserved standing ovation by a loving crowd. When it was over they announced he would sign a book for the first 100 people who got in line. I pushed my husband saying "Go! GO! GO!" This is not typical behavior for me, but he'd brought a handful of books and all his hopes with him to California and I was not going to let him leave disappointed. He got his book signed. In the end everyone there got a book signed. Mr. Bradbury didn't let a soul go home disappointed. Least of all my husband. *nod to John again

I'll give you a very brief, quite surprising synopsis of what Mr. Bradbury said:
College - no.
Libraries - yes.
He gave himself the title "World's Greatest lover."

*Check out my other blog to see how I molested Ray Bradbury!

Don't Bother Playing It Again, Sam.

Suck: When someone says they would die for you. (but repeatedly causes you pain)

Rock: When someone lives for you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Suck: When people use it as a place to sling the mud. Please, get a room.

Rock: When people use it as a place to share neat ideas.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Suck: On a dark and stormy night.

Rock: Snuggled up at night for story time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quote Of The Week

My dear son, Zachary said this to me a couple of days ago:

"Yes, I'm going to be a doctor and all you're going to have is your little blog. And I'm not going to give you any drugs."

Punk. I swear, I have not asked him for drugs. I don't even think I was about to ask him for drugs. And I might feel inclined to add I don't ask people for drugs on any type of a regular basis. Not even my doctor. Honestly, the kid is a wise-guy. I have no idea where it gets it.

Would it be wrong to have a contest to see who gets to torment him for me, should I ever decide to give myself a well deserved vacation from him? I will fire up the Contest Machine right now!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Make Me Soft & Smooth, Please.

Here are, in no particular order, some great cosmetics I use all the time:

Mary Kay Satin Hands - Nothing I've ever seen compares to this quick but lovely system.
Mary Kay Satin Lips - I can take or leave the balm, but the mask is a must-have.
Lancome La Base Pro - Makes my face feel the softest ever. This is wonderful beyond words.
High Résolution Eye Collaser-5X - Makes my eyes stop the puffy and takes away wrinkles.
High Résolution Collaser-5X - Vacuums out my wrinkles. Hooray!
Absolue Ultimate Night Bx - BIG difference overnight. Seriously!
High Résolution Refill-3X - Great moisturizer. Feels good, not greasy.
High Résolution Night Refill-3X -Another night miracle maker.
Tweezerman Lash Comb - You must have this. No other lash comb compares. At all.
Softlips - I've tried all kinds of lip stuff and I like this the very best. Tubes are everywhere!

Don't Stop Believin'

Suck: When a car needs a brake job.

Rock: Our trusted mechanics, who take care of us so well. And in about two hours from the time they discovered the car was left there overnight!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Take Two

Suck: Buy One Get One half off. Yes, it sounds better than "25% off, but only if you buy two." But seriously, who are they kidding?

Rock: Buy One Get One Free!

You'll Flip For This Giveaway! Affordable Luxury


Would you like to get to the grocery store with your list intact? Typical notepads get worn and dirty around the edges. Besides, who wants to carry spiral wire in her purse anyway? Not me. Carry Flip Notes instead. They are just as lightweight as any other little notebook. Your paper is not only protected top and bottom, but on all four sides with their unique design. The pen holds the whole thing together. What a clever way to make sure your pen is always with your notebook. Flip Notes gives you a way to express yourself with about fifty stylish varieties.

I first found Flip Notes at Miss Molly's Tea Room in Medina, Ohio during the Christmas shopping season of 2006. I bought one (along with a package of paper refills) for my friend right then because I thought they were so neat.

I'm sure right about now you are thinking you want Flip Notes yourself. Well of course you do. I know that! So does Flip Note Fan. Which is why Flip Note Fan sent me three of these. One for me, two for you. I took the pink one pictured up top. It's my favorite of all the Flip Note designs. Although, if you are looking for gift ideas feel free to buy me the pink ribbon one or the XOXO design in red. Don't stop there, one to match each purse would be nifty!

Oh, right... this was supposed to be about you now. Here are the two Flip Notes I have to give away:

Emerald Wild Green

I am going to give you a bunch of ways to enter this giveaway.

First, in order to enter you must go to Wellspring's site and come back and tell me which Flip Notes variety is your favorite. This is the mandatory first entry. If you fail to do this none of your other entries will count. Besides, they have a lot of nice things over there. Take a look and think about Mother's Day, birthdays, and even Christmas. This would be a great item to keep on hand for those "Oh no!" gift giving times. When you need a nice little gift at the last moment, grab one of your Flip Notes. At a price of only $9.99, it is definitely an affordable luxury.

Okay, on to the additional entries. Since I know you love these, I'll offer a bunch. Be sure to leave a comment for each additional entry.

For one additional entry, tell me which of the giveaway colors you prefer. Grand prize winner will get their choice of color if they have done this.
For one additional entry, vote in my poll.
For one additional entry, subscribe to my blog in a reader.
For one additional entry, follow my blog on Blogger.
For one additional entry, follow Flip Note Fan on Twitter.
For one additional entry, fave me on Technorati and share the link in your comment.
For one additional entry, email friends about this giveaway and cc me. tammigirl at gmail *dot* com.
For one additional entry, leave a Tweet at Twitter. Please give your twitter name and link to your tweet in your comment. You may do this each day if you wish. Please leave a new comment here each time for your extra entry.

For two additional entries add the url to this contest to your Facebook page. Leave the link to your profile in your comment. (Leave two comments to get your two entries)

For five additional entries blog about this contest with a link back to this giveaway. Leave the url to your post in your comment. (Leave five comments to get your five entries)

If you can think of something else to do for extra entries, go ahead and give it a try. I will not bite. I promise.

U.S. entries only, please. This contest will be open through Monday, March 16th. I will draw on Tuesday. If you get your entry in before I do the draw, you are in.

Good Luck!