Thursday, March 19, 2009

Omni California Plaza, Los Angeles

From the moment we arrived at the Omni California Plaza we were treated like valued guests. Considering we booked our trip on Priceline, let's just say I was not expecting this. Sometimes you book a trip online at a discount site and the hotel treats you less than stellar. Not the case with the Omni California Plaza.

Omni Hotels have what they call a Select Guest Program. Go enroll, you'll thank me later. Because we enrolled in Select guest before we went, they knew our preferences. Corner room, check. High Floor, check. King bed, check. Quiet room, check. Newspaper of choice, in our case the NY Times, check. But that's not all! They also brought the Los Angeles Times every morning. You can be catered to in other ways as a select guest as well. Pillow preference, Smoking vs. non, near elevator or away, etc. There are just too many options to list here. Registration is free, so go check it out yourself.
My favorite part of being in the Select Guest Program was the complimentary drinks (your choice of one hot & one cold drink per guest) they sent up in the morning. We always chose the hot chocolate and the orange juice because they were both out of this world. I don't know how to duplicate their hot chocolate or I would - every morning. And with a quick search I've found this! (Hey, sometimes it pays to click my links and just see what I'm talking about, folks) Another wish granted, courtesy of Omni hotels.

Our location was great, the view was great, the room was great, and the staff was very accomodating. When I say the view was great - even though we were in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, we could see the Hollywood sign from our room.

If you are staying in Los Angeles, I definitely recommend this hotel.


  1. The hot chocolate looks deep and rich, and the marshmallows!! Want some!!!

  2. It turns out that cocoa is from Venezuela. From a chocolatier very near Maracay. Someone may bring me some. It had pepper and cinnamon. It was a great way to wake up each morning.

  3. You are killing me with that pic