Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About The Poll

I had this poll in my sidebar:

You find a company with a WONDERFUL product. You write a complimentary email, which is understating it, and they send you back a rude email. Do you recommend their product to others?

There were exactly 50 responses.

45 of you (90%) said "No"
5 of you (10%) said "Yes"

Thank you for helping me out. A few of you asked if this was a hypothetical situation or if it really happened. It really happened. I was so torn because the product was A++, but the dude doesn't know how to talk to people. And it's not a big company. I'm not sure how many people they employ, but I know they make their own products and have one store. For all I know this guy is an owner/co-owner. They are hoping to build internet business. Because I loved their product I was about to 1: order a lot and 2: talk about it a lot, in a lot of places. Then I got the email and wondered if I would have been happier not knowing about this product/these people in the first place. After all, if this is how someone treats customers who are ready to spread the word about them when they are hoping to build business through word of mouth, how will they treat everyone else? What if, God forbid, someone had an actual complaint? Do I want to send people to be treated poorly? After all, the world doesn't really need their product. (Although I do contend I am happier with it than without it. Considerably happier.)

After the poll I have decided not to direct any business to their company. I'm sort of sad about it, because I was so excited. Most people seem to feel it is better this way. And since I was so torn I am going with public opinion on this one. I will not have anything negative to say about them. Not publicly anyway. My friends read the letter when I first got it since I could not believe it and thought maybe I was taking it wrong. They agreed it was out of line.

I ordered their product again. I will order from them in the future. They are that good. I just wont be shouting from the rooftops "Hey, this is the best _________ ever!"

Thank you for your help.

By the way, do you have a good company you can recommend? Please share. It can be an Etsy artisan, a huge company, a mom & pop shop. Whatever impresses you.


  1. Okay, I was in the minority, but I happen to be in know on what this was. I thinks it's too bad people decided to miss out on this!

  2. Since I recently discovered you (thanks!) I was not able to vote in the poll, and after reading this post am still conflicted. Being very, very selfish, I would LOVE to know about a product that has made such a positive impact on you, but also absolutely understand that being treated poorly in the end does not make for a good experience and perhaps a good product. It would be hard to highly recommend something publicly when you know there is a good chance that if someone buys on your recommendation and needs customer service there is a good chance they will be treated poorly.

    As to what I love... you mentioned Etsy which is my favorite place to shop. My latest fave is BlueTreeArts - great to work with and beautiful product.

  3. I agree with the majority in the poll, the product can be great, but if the people that's selling it is lees than nice, it would be really hard to recommend it.

    As of recommending a good company to you? I will have to say mine! and our handmade baby bouquets, please take a look at them and let me know if you want to organize a giveaway for your readers.

    I just discovered you on twitter and I enjoyed a lot reading your posts.