Thursday, March 26, 2009

Migas, My Way

I know it looks like I cook something about once a month. Eh, close enough to the truth.

So I do not have pictures (again) because the battery in my camera is dead. I've known for a week, but I'm lazy. I did make some delicious migas this morning, which made my husband happier than a charged battery ever could.

Here's what I used this morning:
Eggs (this morning I used 6)
Whipping cream (or half & half if you're a sissy) (or milk if you have lost the will to live)
Corn tortillas (this morning I used 3)
Vegetable oil (enough to put about a quarter inch in a small pan)
Olive oil ( I poured in about enough)
Butter (I used a glob)
One Roma tomato
About half a good-sized onion
A handful of leftover french fries
A jalepeno
About 25 twigs of cilantro
A handful of shredded co-jack (use whatever cheese makes you happy)

That was it this morning.

Heat the oil in the small pan and start your tortillas. I fry mine until they have a little bit of standyness. (It should be a word) They don't flop over and fold up if you try to stand them up. Who tries to stand up tortillas? Weirdos. I do. To see if they are fried the way I want. I use an 8" skillet for these.

Crack the eggs and pour in some of your whipping cream. (trust me, whipping cream makes the texture ahhhhmazing. Whisk those up and let them set. I don't know why, this is just the order I do things.

Pour some olive oil in a large skillet. I used a 10" skillet this morning. Add your glob of butter. Set it to medium heat and melt them together.

Cut up your onion. I semi-dice. I like to have small pieces and a few larger pieces of onion. This is just my preference. Toss onion in the 10" skillet. (hey, don't forget about those tortillas you are frying!)

Cut up the french fries into bite-sized bits. Toss them in the 10" skillet.

Let the fries and the onion cook together for a couple of minutes.

Cut up the jalepeno. I do like to dice this fairly small. Although not tiny. I love the textures. Toss the jalepeno into the 10" skillet. This. smells. so. good.

Cut up the tomato and toss it in the skillet. That sizzle was a beautiful sound, wasn't it? Once these are incorporated into the rest of the yummy stuff turn the heat down and give it a minute. You don't want the eggs to cook too fast.

Keep tending to those corn tortillas!

Add your whisked eggs and cream. I use a rubber spatula to gently move my eggs in the pan. You don't want to chop them up and stir them around. Be gentle, these are nice eggs.

Chop up the cilantro. I use a good part of the stems, too.

Take the fried tortillas and cut them, like a little pizza, into 8 pieces. I just stack mine on top of each other and use a pizza wheel.

When the eggs are only going to be folded one more time I toss in the tortillas, cheese, and cilantro.

Fold the eggs for the final time and turn off the heat, leaving the pan on the skillet. Leave the pan on the skillet? What was I thinking? I mean leave the skillet/pan on the burner. You are so lucky to have me.

Add a little bit of salt, and start eating! If you have enough patience to get a plate, more power to you.

You will want to eat these three times a week. I could almost give up chocolate for these. Almost.

*I forgot the garlic today, which I usually add right before I add the tomato.

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