Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get This, Travel Industry:

I do not want to go on a repositioning cruise, no matter how low you price it. No, not even for $39 a day does this sound like a fun idea to me. Unless, of course, I can 'reposition' to the exact same place I started in the first place for super cheap as well. Then, all I need is the magic element of time.

You see, although I live a life of total freedom from any responsibility, my husband and children seem tied to these 'responsibilities'. I warned them against this type of thing, but nobody listens to me. Apparently they can't even admit to themselves how much they want to emulate my life of total glamor. Silly, silly people. The dog enjoys the same freedoms I do, but he has no passport.

Hints? Tips? Suggestions? I'm all ears.