Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wife Stealing Singer to Visit Cleveland Ohio

Suck: Another man is trying to steal my attention on the same day my husband has his birthday.

Rock: Leonard Cohen is coming to Cleveland!!! On the same day my husband has his birthday!

Leonard Cohen Comes to Cleveland Ohio!!


Here I go writing about Leonard Cohen on my blog again. Leonard Cohen is coming to Cleveland and I think he is doing it just for me!! The tickets are amazingly expensive, though. What gives? Seriously, $209 is the cheap seats. They go all the way up to $1400. I need some kind of corporate sponsor to go to a concert, now. I really want to see Leonard Cohen, though. I regret greatly never seeing Johnny Cash. I don't want Leonard to end up being another regret I have. Also? Pavaratti. He was in Cleveland, but I was in South America, or traveling there, that day. I am flipping my lid over Leonard coming to Cleveland! I guess I need to go seek employment so I can afford his tickets.

Anyone need a Girl Friday? Will work for Leonard Cohen tickets!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Cry For Help, aka Feedburner Hates Me


Okay, maybe "Feedburner Hates Me" was a bit much. Maybe. My feedburner does not behave the way I would like. I see lots of other people who are able to get theirs to practically do circus tricks. Can anyone out there tell me where to find the options? I have searched repeatedly, but it is just not happening for me. I would be so happy for the help I would bake cupcakes in your honor. You wont get any, because between me, my five children, and my husband they will be gone before they get a chance to fully cool, but they will be in your honor.

This is not a photo of a cupcake, I know that! It is one of my mother's home made cream puffs. Go see how she makes them at My Mom Makes Good Stuff.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Congratulations Betty, Big Winner of the Keurig B60 Brewer


The randomizer chose # 268,

bettycd said...

I'd try Green Mountain Summer Safari Blend and Green Mountain Perfect Peach

Hooray for Betty! She won the Keurig B60 Coffee Brewer!

I did the drawing on the 18th, emailed Betty for her information, sent her information to Joe at Shoffee.com, and got this in an email from Betty the morning of the 22nd: (How is that for

The gorgeous beautiful Keurig arrived late yesterday. Turns out the warehouse is less than an hour away. Shoffee Joe included a mixed bag of Kcups. Peach makes me think of tea - pretty sure coffee just shouldn't smell that fruity; makes me think of tea with every swallow. My husband had Summer Safari Blend - that one is superb. The variety he sent is a excellent way to figure out just which to order. My daughter is so thrilled - she now wants one to take to college.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Games Lovers Play

Suck: Late night visits from the gas company, after playing a game (in the dark, no less) of "What's that smell"

Rock: They did not come in and see my basement with the mountain of laundry.

Time Flies When You're Inhaling Rice


Suck: Time passes much too quickly, sometimes

Rock: Great lunches with wonderful friends.

p.s. ignore the utensils, I'm rebellious that way sometimes.

Honest Scrap: From Lorelia Gilmore to Cruella De Vil


Kendhal over at Stepmom Extraordinaire decided I deserved this, so here we go! I am supposed to share 10 things about myself you may not know, but are absolutely true. I am also obliged to pass this on to 5 bloggers.

1. I used to find making lists one of the most comforting things in life. I realized it did not matter how many lists I made, they didn't change a thing. Now they do not carry the same meaning.

2. I have erased three things so far because I decided they were too personal. I am only on #2. This can not be good.

3. I usually feel like the one in the group who does not belong. I can never quite figure out why people have me around. I feel like this pretty much anywhere I am, except at home.

4. I can not believe I made it through the first 30+ years of my life without my husband. I can not imagine living one day without him now.

5. I have finely tuned intuition. Ignoring it is always a mistake.

6. The two favorite boxed sets of dvds I own are: Upstairs Downstairs and Gilmore Girls.

7. Compliments make me feel uncomfortable at least 7 out of ten times.

8. I have never had a beer, although I tasted one. Once.

9. Someone has left a comment for me on Fuel My Blog today.

10. Sometimes I feel like Cruella De Vil. Not because I want to make coats out of puppies though. Because I want to yell at people for being incompetent. (But coats out of puppies would be warm!)

p.s. I wanted to erase #3 as well, but if I keep erasing everything I am not comfortable with I will never write out ten things.

p.p.s. I just erased #5. It had to do with swimming and baton lessons and gymnastics.

Now, on to five of you suckers:

1. Nicole

to be continued - I'm lazy/sleepy/lacking brain function.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Travel In Style Tuesday


Don't be jealous. This guy had way more room in his car than you did, but that's because he thinks outside of the
trunk. And besides, who needs to see directly behind them anyway? We had a really interesting road trip. This was just one of the things which made it so.

Why Can't Life Always Be This Simple?

Suck: Out of Chocolate. Out of my mind.

Rock: Someone made brownies!