Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leonard Cohen Comes to Cleveland Ohio!!

Here I go writing about Leonard Cohen on my blog again. Leonard Cohen is coming to Cleveland and I think he is doing it just for me!! The tickets are amazingly expensive, though. What gives? Seriously, $209 is the cheap seats. They go all the way up to $1400. I need some kind of corporate sponsor to go to a concert, now. I really want to see Leonard Cohen, though. I regret greatly never seeing Johnny Cash. I don't want Leonard to end up being another regret I have. Also? Pavaratti. He was in Cleveland, but I was in South America, or traveling there, that day. I am flipping my lid over Leonard coming to Cleveland! I guess I need to go seek employment so I can afford his tickets.

Anyone need a Girl Friday? Will work for Leonard Cohen tickets!

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