Monday, October 22, 2012

Mysteries Of The Universe, Unravelled

     If you've ever doubted for even a minute, the charmed, charmed life I lead you need to find out why even Click on this link, or you have cooties --->Chicken Poop is lucky for me. <--- Click on that link! I mean it!

      Try not to be jealous. We can't all be this lucky. But I bet if you think very, very hard you can remember a time poop was lucky for you, too. I can't wait to hear about it!



  1. Hey Tammi!

    Well for me its not chicken poop but pidgeon (Im a city girl) but it always meant money for me, even if it lands on my car (not parked under trees), makes me kind of wish to get pooped on :D


  2. Congrats on winning!

    I guess I am not as lucky when it comes to poop... I have been pooped on by a couple of birds over the years, but don't recall anything good coming from the experience... since I wouldn't call embarrassment a good thing. =)