Saturday, January 15, 2011

30 Days Of Truth, Day 7: Someone who Has Made Your Life Worth Living

     In the past I've shared about my grandparents. They have certainly helped make my life worth living.

     Then there are my children. They make my life so rich and full and have taught me more than I ever realized there was to learn. Just when I knew it all, I went and had kids. My first baby was colicky and difficult, but I didn't know it. I just held her and loved her and enjoyed every single second. My second baby was her own person. When she was a couple of days old she decided to stop breathing. It took the medics a long time to convince her to keep doing it. She always wanted to be put in her bed to go to sleep. Such a change from the first baby who had to be touched 100% of the time. My third baby was the most smiling, sweet sweet baby I have ever seen. Even the ladies in the church nursery couldn't get over how smiley he was all the time. My fourth baby was always fighting or entertaining. He definitely wanted his way all the time, and would insist upon it. When he did not get his way he would throw a little tantrum, then just go with the flow. All so different. Each one so amazing.

    My husband. I could write a book, really. My life before I met him is such a thing of the past if I talk about it I feel as if I am talking about someone else's life. Not mine. It's weird to try to explain, but it is how it is. I've learned a lot from him. I may not be the best student, or the best at putting things into practice, but I've noticed. I have. I get it. I know when we are in a crowd a lot of women wish they were in my position. Men, take note. My husband can teach you how to be a good husband.

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