Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sarah Would Not Be Proud

Here's some ugly truth. Well, a few ugly truths. Sarah would not be proud, I'm not lying.

1. When I moved into this (rental) house someone had done a real hack job painting over wooden cabinets. I'm talking they didn't even clean them first. Awful. They also only did one coat. It covered where it covered, it didn't where it didn't. Also very streaky. Add big screws in some of the drawer fronts because they must have fallen apart. Some of the paint was already peeling off, especially around the grungy handles. They even painted straight over the hinges and around the handles. No hardware was taken off at all. Two words: Ugg Lee!

2. I'm lazy.

3. I'm making lazy into an art form. It's my gift to humanity.

4. I got sick of the peeling cabinets and drawer fronts and just everything. I also don't want to put a lot of effort into this place, because the old countertop is also peeling off the top. A considerable amount of my small counter is not connected in any way to the actual top of the cabinets. There is a piece missing from the front as well. My landlord is a fairly good person, but really only does what they want, when they want. Things I often find odd and confusing, but what can I do about it? In other words: I am not putting a lot of effort into this.

5. I got sick of it today, whipped out my Can of Marshmallow colored paint, and had a happy. I pulled out three of the drawers, removed the handles (shocking, I know!) and painted the drawer fronts, screws and all! Now, I admit to feeling just a twinge of guilt about this, but not much. When we moved in I thought of this as a very temporary housing situation. I think I have lived here longer than I have lived in any other house in my life.

6. Why am I turning this into a list with numbers? I've lost my whole train of thought. Oh well. Might as well go with it now!

7.Although I didn't sand the drawer fronts and there are still lumps and bumps in them but I'm okay with it. I am going to go ahead and do the cabinet doors, etc.

8. I'm lazy.

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