Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weirdo Wednesday

Yes, "Weirdo Wednesday." Because it feels comfortable like an old shoe. Although, truth be told, my old shoes are never comfortable. So scratch that. It feels familiar. Like an old, somewhat uncomfortable shoe.

Anyway... I'm still trying to find the sunglasses I want. Impossible. I mean, possible, but not from any place who will sell them to me as prescription sunglasses. If I am ever an eye doctor and you find what you want online? I will go to the website where you found it, get the frames you want, and put prescription lenses in them for you. Because that's how I roll. Come on 'rest of the world' - catch up! 'Cause it's rude when you refuse to help a damsel in distress.

It looks like I am going to have to wave goodbye to the idea of having prescription Gucci 2432/S sunglasses. It's a cruel, cruel world. Although... I did just drum up more than a couple hundred dollars of receipts I never thought to turn in to flex spend before. So maybe, just maybe, I could buy the glasses I want and bring them in for lenses. I want to spend it all from flex - to use up my flex. But I super-duper REALLY want those glasses.

So you don't think I'm just psycho or vain (Or is it too late? It may well be.) I will fill you in. I've been wearing a pair of 2432 Gucci sunglasses since April 2000. I know they block the mean old nasty sun. I know they are lovely. I know they fit comfortably. I have 'small features', which is some kind of optician code for 'freak face who can't wear sunglasses.' It is super difficult to find sunglasses which do not look as if they are eating my face.

Maybe we'll take some pictures today and if there is ever a "Sunglasses! Stop eating my face!" photo contest I will be able to enter.

Here they are, in all their sun-blocking glory. Mine are brown, not pink. The pink is pretty though, isn't it?

*Isn't it weird how we say "Isn't it?" when we would never say "Is not it?"

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