Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Putting The 'Flex' in Flex Spend

Is anyone else obsessed with draining a flex spend account right about now? I have decided this is as good of a time as any to try acupuncture, get great first aid kits for the house and cars, get some prescription sunglasses, and let my son get those colored contacts he has been wanting. Sadly, his contacts are not available in colors.

Here are some other uses for flex spend monies which could be interesting:

Buying canes. Maybe I can make some kind of hall tree and we could use them to hang our coats.

Incontinence bed pads. The puppy does use potty pads, after all.

Ace bandages. These can be used for bondage, or so I read.

Did you know you can get GUM and CANDY with flex spend money??? You can. It's nicotine gum and candy, but hey, GUM. and. CANDY. people!

Dr. Scholl's inserts for everyone!! We're gellin'.

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  1. So funny! Speaking of... I need to make a dentist appointment. Ugh...