Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So Yeah, I Made a Key Lime Pie

My mother came over with a Key Lime pie for my husband's birthday. It was fabulous. We've had Key Lime in Key West, and hers was a solid '10'. It was tart and think and delicious. I knew she would never make another one in a couple of weeks. When we have something great it's all we can think about and within a couple of weeks we are jonesing (spell check wanted me to change 'jonesing' to 'jousting' - or indonesia- what the heck?) for it again.

As it turns out, I was out and about last Thursday when I spoke with my mother and found out she was indeed making another Key Lime Pie! Except she needed? Lime. Okay then, this is totally typical for us. I told her I would bring one on my way home. (Reason #7 why it's great to live around the corner from your mother - bringing stuff home to each other in a pinch.) I made the drop off. She made no mention of sharing the pie, but I had bought the stuff to make one myself, so I was only a little hurt.

Short story long? I made my Key Lime Pie. I started with a graham cracker crust pre-made from the store. I justified this by telling myself this way the crust was a sure thing - all I had to learn was the pie. I used the recipe from Mar-a-Lago, which was the same one mom used. I followed it exactly. I even set a timer for the whipping times.

Mine is a little more light and fluffy than mom's was. I bet she adjusted her mixer speed (lowered it) like the KitchenAid book says to do. I didn't because I expected the folks at Mar-a-Lago had a mixer at least as powerful as ours. My flavor was absolutely perfect. Next time I will do the crust myself. It looks like a no-brainer, and I have no excuse now not to do it.

Try something new and unexpected. You'll probably be glad you did.


  1. Ah i need to do some experimenting too, getting a bit bored with the same old same old :) Time for some new cakes and pies!


  2. Key lime sounds so good right now! Thanks for entering our giveaway at SHE!


  3. I agree with Jen...I could totally go for some key lime pie!!

  4. Thanks also for entering my CSN stores contest!!!

  5. I've never made a key lime pie but I'll have to give it a try. My hubby and I do the same thing with food. We'll have something a few time in a couple of weeks until we're over it and then we won't have it again for several weeks or months. We always do that with Mexican food and pizza.

    Thanks for visiting me. Now I'm following you.

    Enjoy the weekend! :)