Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Feel It Must Be Said: Way Too Old To Be Trick or Treating

I've been seeing a lot of something I find troubling lately. On blogs all over this great internet of ours people are complaining about kids/teens who are "Way too old to be trick or treating."

I'm guessing the mothers who feel this way do not have kids old enough to fit into this age category. Because let me tell you something. If your kids are "WTOTBTOT" and still want to go out with a bunch of friends (who are also likely WTOTBTOT) for some innocent fun like trick or treating you will be grateful they are involved in such innocent pursuits. You will be kind of smiling thinking to yourself "Yes!" (with the 'yes' arm gesture involving a fist and pulling your arm down by the elbow like you want a trucker to blow his horn - you know the one.)

When I see the local teens strolling up to my porch on Halloween I feel so happy for them, for their parents, and for our community. I can't help but wish they could stay 'little' forever.

If your big kids are doing the rounds this Halloween send them to my house for a glow bracelet and some candy. They are more than welcome.


  1. I totally agree! I trick-or-treated for the last time when I was 15. I went with my best friend's older brother who was 17 and a friend of mine who was also 15. We were super good kids and I did not feel too old to be out there at all. We got a lot of comments that year and we never went out again, even though we were totally harmless and felt like kids. Also? I married that 17 year old boy.

  2. YES. And then there are the fifth-graders who are taller than we are. I say, treat them!