Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Is So Close, I Can Hear It Breathing!

Yesterday the mall was crowded! No surprise there, huh? The final Saturday before Christmas and people sure were crabby with their families as they shopped. This year I did almost all of my shopping online. I did about 90% of my shopping on Etsy and Amazon. Never before has Christmas shopping been so stress free. Of course, there's still the not-so-trivial matter of deciding on gifts which are 'just perfect'.

The only reason I was at the mall yesterday is because I was the chauffeur for a group of teens. They shopped and did whatever teens do at the mall, which likely included loud moments in Chipotle and/or the food court, while I walked around the mall browsing shops I don't usually enter. I watched dozens of children anticipating their turn with Santa, had a kiddie burger in Johnny Rockets, and engaged in conversations with a few strangers.

Mostly, though, I just walked around with a big honkin' grin on my face because I was happy to not be stressed over shopping. I could still use some stocking stuffers, but frankly I'm leaning towards filling their stockings with Slim Jims and candy and gum because: a) I'm lazy, and b) They are big so there wont be so much judgment about me giving a metric ton of candy to smaller children (which I would also do, just sayin') and c) We seem to have hit the point where suitable stocking stuffers are much more difficult to come by.

I hope your Christmas season has been as comfortable as mine. I hope you have everything you need to fill Christmas with love and joy and laughter and memories. Check back here for something very special. If you're one of the first to find it, you'll be glad you were. That's all I'm going to say - for now.

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