Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Apparently, You CAN Fool Me Twice.

Saturday, we needed help with the cable. Our new box, which just replaced the new box we got on Wednesday, wasn't working properly. I made an appointment for 'some time between noon and two.'

At 10:38 I was out and about, nearly done with my errands, when my phone rings. It was Dino with Time Warner Cable. He said would like to come to the house a little early. When I asked how early he responded '10:45'. I was not going to be home by then so I had him call my husband.

Flash forward to when I get home. Dino had already been there a few minutes, waiting for the box to finish doing it's thing. We talked about Adelphia vs. Time Warner and how he used to work for Cablevision. We talked about all sorts of cable related items. When he was ready to go I joked that I should take his picture because last time a cable guy was out he did not take care of things properly. He had promised to call first thing the next morning, and we never heard from him again. I told him I even blogged about it and saved the name, supervisor's name and number, and ticket number in my phone. I started taking out my phone as my husband ushered Dino out the door. You can read about the past ordeal here, I'll wait.

Yes, you read it right...

Dino, you sneaky, slippery little sucker.

Our cable box still isn't recording or pausing, so someone will have to come out again. I hope it's Dino. I'm going to tell him!


  1. Well no wonder he showed up early... If he doesn't do the full work, he can keep ahead of schedule. I like his strategy ;)

  2. Uh! I hate problems with cable boxes! I hope you get it worked out soon!

  3. Ahhk - I hope it is Dino again and you can give him what for. Next time you really do need to take that photo! I hope you get it all resolved soon.

    Have a lovey day,

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  4. Oh that is annoying! Doh!

    Left an award for you on my blog. Drop in and pick it up!

  5. Dealing with cable issues is always frustrating!