Thursday, July 15, 2010


to conclusions.

     How often do I do it? It is such a simple thing to do. A while ago I decided I needed to be able to approve the comments on my blogs so people could not leave comments in characters I do not understand. I decided this before I even tried to make sense of them. I told myself it was 'spam' since I couldn't read it. 

     Then, one day, I dropped one of the comments into Google and translated it. It took a few seconds of my time - just a few. It wasn't just random characters, it translated into real, honest-to-goodness, sentences. Comments, if you will. 

The world is getting smaller, for certain. I hope my mind is not.

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  1. Hmm...good point...I have not got to the point in my blogging that I have gotten comments in another language but I hope when the times come that this post jumps into the front of my mind...thanks for the insight!! Oh BTW, I am coming over from the This for That linky!! Thanks!! You can follow me back here