Friday, May 6, 2011

Ways We Change - Scanning

     Sometimes things happen and they change us forever. Not in ways we wished to be changed or tried to change. In ways we never expected. Ever since Victoria had her accident I change when I hear the guys ripping into the fire station. I know that when they roar in the situation is really bad. Tonight after the storm I heard them roaring in. They kept coming. I did the thing I do now. I turned on the scanner. And I began to listen. I am still listening right now.

     I learned the site of the accident, which happens to be right near the house of my son's girlfriend. Multiple vehicles. Three life flights. I don't even know how many ambulances. I listened to command, pilots, and whoever else was on the radio. I heard them send people out to several different nearby hospitals. I just heard another ambulance arrive at a hospital. This is the change in me.

     The first accident I listened to like this was a couple of months after Victoria's accident. I listened to everything going on for an accident not too far from the high school.  I heard when they said they were going to go to the high school and get the principal. I heard them order two life flights and then cancel one. The kids lost two more classmates that day.

     I'm a changed person. Now I worry over all the calls they go on from the fire station. I pray for them all. I guess at this point in my life it may not be such a good idea to live right next to the fire station, huh? 

     Right at this very moment some of the rescue vehicles are coming back in to the station. God bless 'em.


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  2. Praying is the best thing to do in those situations! They are very hard workers to some very unwell people.