Friday, December 16, 2011



Daughters' room


House Rules

Kids bath up

Master Bedroom

Master 2

Master Shower

Master Jetted Tub

Mikes' room

Crazy picture of view and the back of my phone. (hooray!)
Today we went in and walked all throughout the first and second floors of our house! It's just amazing how fast they do things. They had poured the footers in the basement and garage today. They'll pour those on Monday. We're just rolling right along and it's so wonderful. I'm glad the whole decisions and changes part is over. Now we just get to watch the fun stuff happen.

*Obligatory apology here for the quality of photos taken with my phone.


  1. looks great....and relatively familiar! haha.

  2. I love the house rules. I think our PM needs to get a set of those. He would need to add no Alcohol, too.

    Looks great so far. Looks like you will have a nice wooded lot, too. None of our lots are wooded.