Sunday, April 22, 2012

While Wandering Around, We Found...

     We took an accidental trip to Amish Country last week. We do lots of accidental things! This time we found ourselves at Heini's Cheese Chalet. We took the tour and learned lots of interesting things about how they do it at Heini's. We loved our tour guide, who was willing to answer all of our questions. Great hospitality!

We also met these guys:

We think if we ever have to move again they can help.

     This week I went to a barn sale and met a really nice lady. I didn't get a great photo of Beth, but here is the barn floor: 

They had an awesome old tool bench for sale. It was big and sturdy and had holes for some dangly tools. I had an unreasonable desire to buy it and bring it home with me. I managed to control myself. Mostly.

Photo on the left was as my lovely iPhone camera captured it. On the right edited for clarity and HDR. Do not ask me what HDR is. You will hear crickets because I have no idea. 


I picked up a stranger from the side of the road last night. I can't wait to show you those pictures!

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  1. Hi Tammi! Oh, I'm sure this was a very interesting accidental trip! :) I love these kinds.
    The Amish style of life is very interesting, isn't it? I know they make some lovely well built furniture - but it's so expensive.
    Thanks so much for popping in to see my little kitchen and I do hope you'll come back sometimes.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)