Sunday, July 15, 2012

Come On In

Ryan Homes Ravenna reverse floor plan entry hall

     Welcome home! When I sit in my little blue chair in the front parlour this is my view of the front hall, which is kind of an extended vestibule. Well, except there's not a second door - yet. I plan to put some sliding barn doors in the house. Anyway, this church pew comes from Webbville, Kentucky - where my grandmother's grandfather built a church. The sewing machine is from my great-grandmother. It's a 1917 Singer. The giant hat is what I wear when I go out into the sun. I'm too fair skinned, and even a 10 minute walk of the doggage can land me in the bathroom burn unit.  I'm going to try out a few different things around the pew to see what works for me, but I'm happy with what's going on so far. 


  1. My mom has a Singer machine just like yours- it was my grandmom's!

    Very cute set up!

  2. I absolutely love love the 1917 vintage sewing machine! You have a lot of history walking through your foyer! The church pew is awesome! Nice touches!!

  3. Pursue it, Tammie! I mean the entry hall has a very distinct look by itself, but you can do so much more, of course, with pews as your central point. It’s a classic piece. Needless to say, you can experiment on different looks. Your greatest advantage for furniture like that is you can have it anywhere, no matter what room design, since it can complement and stand out at the same time. :)

    -->Earnestine Kettering