Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Things They Asked For And Got!

     We talk about non-standard requests all the time. For me, hardwood stairs were a non-standard request. For many of you, those are on the list. Here are a few notable non-standard items people were able to get in their homes:

                                                        BD got an awesome spa shower

      They also got a pot filler, got custom cabinet changes, a warming light over the stove top, special kitchen faucet with soap dispenser, wet bar in the basement, custom basement window trim with electric for backlighting, an insulated garage door,  etc. 

Guess what? It's a lot more difficult to find the blogs/posts showcasing all the great non-standard stuff people got. If you have some to add to this list share them and I'll add them to this post.

Make sure to read the comments to see what others have to add!

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  1. Wow, that shower is impressive!!

    I LOVE that deck too! We'd love to do something similar since our deck will be high off of the ground too, but that'll be a little further down the road for us.

  2. That is awesome spa shower!! They did GOOD!! We have some custom requests but no pictures! The biggest request was adding a front porch to our elevation. It took six weeks to get approval.

  3. We have some non-standards too, but I'll have to remember to link you to them after they're built!

  4. Gina K (Moving on Up: Home in a Rome) got a Corian countertop

    Maria (Home Sweet Rome) got the double wall ovens in a Rome

    Kevin C (Our Ryan Home: Kinda a Big Deal) got a downstairs guest suite instead of living/dining rooms (though that's apparently an option in their area), converted the Rome's bedroom #4 into a bonus room by taking out the master bedroom's sitting room/2nd closet (and turned the loft into a bedroom, but that's an option most places)

    WodyJ (Rome Wasn't Built in a Day) removed the Rome's mudroom closet, also converted master sitting room/walk-in into a walk-in closet for bedroom #4

    I'm sure there're more, but that's what I could remember off the top of my head and hunt for. :)

  5. dwtimes2 got a Savoy with a rebuilt kitchen with a different floor plan that enclosed the room instead of having a walk thru opening on each side of the sink (too much wasted space and need cabinets instead), pics to follow after build.....also a nonstard island with granite overhang...currently working on a seamless shower....

  6. We built a Ravenna also. In the laundry room I had them put a door into the master closet. I can't imagine life without it! We can come and go into the master bath and closet without disturbing someone sleeping in the bedroom and makes so much sense for putting the clothes away. Best $600.00 I spent in the whole house. :)

    1. Now that was smart! Did you have them do a pocket door so it didn't take up space in the small rooms? I would love to see pictures!