Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merry Christmas, Stress-Free Style

See? This part of the tree is fine like this. It wont fall over. Promise!
 This year we aren't buying a bunch of gifts. As a matter of fact, the plan as it stands this year is to buy everyone a new pair of jammies so we can snuggle in and enjoy our own company. On Christmas day we will attend a family gathering. The other part of our plan is to go see Les Miserables. Maybe on Christmas day, maybe after. It's low pressure, can you tell? And guess what? It feels great. I invite you to relax and enjoy the season. If it is already too late for you this year, then I invite you to try it next year. 

      Yes, we have five children. They range in age from seventeen to twenty-six. And you know, the thing is, we have everything we need. We have a lot of what we want. This year I felt no pressure to go and buy things we may or may not even want. Ask yourself what you bought for people last year. If you can't recall or they can't recall, take a few minutes and decide what that means to you. Do you find yourself in stores looking for stuff to buy to fill a certain amount of space under your tree or lines on your list? 

     I have seen a lot of people suggesting the 4 gift rule, and it looks pretty sound to me:
  • Something to wear 
  • Something to read
  • Something they want
  • Something they need
      This Christmas I will not be putting iffy gifts on credit cards, spending countless hours with aching feet and shoulders shopping aimlessly for things, or wrapping them. I will use that time baking,  creating, or enjoying the company of my family. 

     If you need someone to give you permission or the little push you need to call off the madness yourself, consider it done. Merry Christmas. 


  1. Lve this. I was thinking, since I still have to Christmas shop, of just buying one thing I think that person will really love....and that's it. We have little kids though, so all bets are kind of off for them!