Saturday, December 14, 2013

Old Friends Come Calling

In our little town there is a facebook group where you can buy and sell Christmas stuff. A couple of days ago I found this:

Which may be no big deal to you, but when I was growing up we had these exact candles. When I saw them on facebook I might have gasped. Then I wrote  as fast as I could that I wanted them, before someone else could beat me to them. Wouldn't you know it, when I was picking them up (along with a few other things from these ladies) they were telling me how many people were complaining about not getting them in time. When I unwrapped them from their tissue paper and felt them It was like being transported through time. I used to play with these when nobody was watching, because they are so doggone adorable. Can you tell how happy I was to reconnect with these old friends?  

I love how every year, when we go through the Christmas decorations, it's like opening an old yearbook. There are all your old friends, just exactly the same as they were so long ago. There's all the magic you forgot and all the magic you haven't forgotten, all in the boxes, every year, just waiting for you so faithfully. 

New friends, old friends, whoever you are; I hope you have had the chance to rediscover your magic lately. 


  1. I am so glad you got them.
    My mom once had a childhood memory of these certain slipper socks but back then, you couldn't find them anywhere. Turns out she was talking about mukluks! I found them one Christmas in New Hope, PA and surprised her with them and the look on her face? Total transport in time!

  2. I decorate a tree with an old friend of mine every year on Christmas eve, and through the years, I have come to love her ornaments, some of which she has had since childhood. They are part of my history now too.

  3. After my mom passed my dad and I were cleaning out a storage closet and to my surprise we came across an old box of ornaments and decorations that my mom had kept since I was little. My dad used to give her such a hard time about being a packrat, but I was sure happy that she was. Some of these were at least 40 years old and I am displaying them again.