Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Thought Wrong!

What I thought I was buying: Potato bread.

What I actually bought: Oatmeal bread. 

Not the same. Mama's not happy.


  1. mmmmmmm, oatmeal bread. put some peanut butter on it and dip in honey!

  2. I do that sort of thing, too. But I had a worse problem when it was my husband doing the buying. It was a record-breaking-heat day, I was a dishrag! Decided dinner had to be something really easy. Husband suggested we throw some pork chops on the Griddler. I countered with chicken. He okayed it and headed to the store. Did he come back with chicken? Noooooo, he did not! He came back with a pound of cod, which I then had to figure out (in my heat-induced stupor) what to do with!

  3. I do that sometimes- when iy appens though I notice is when someone else has put something back in the wrong spot. I have done this when buying certain juices someone will get one with sugar and put it in the non sugars and I end up with the wrong one.

    ellen beck

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