Friday, October 17, 2014

How To Waste Time Like a Pro

     I just spent 25 minutes cleaning out the lint that got past the lint trap in my dryer. This event included taking all the paper towels off the roll so I could use it to extend the vacuum just an inch short of what was necessary for it to be useful. This also involved accordion-folding the now orphaned paper towels.

     I'm not sure which level of crazy this qualifies me for, but I am sure it probably increased my level of crazy. 

     If I was a better blogger there would be pictures. To be honest, I thought of it, but I'm lazy. 

     I have been preparing for the super-cold winter The Old Farmer's Almanac says we will have. But not by weatherproofing my house. I've been doing preparing by making sure I have enough supplies for baking. I've also watched 82 (and counting) episodes of Gilmore Girls in the past two weeks. I'm feeling super prepared for pretty much anything. As long as it doesn't involve weatherproofing or actual work. 


  1. I don't need photos because I just did the same thing and it's not that pretty. Although it didn't take me 25 minutes! Des pulled me away from it, thankfully.

  2. At least I didn't waste time reading this! I love the tip about using the paper towel roll to extend my vac! There are numerous places in the house where I could use it! Thanks and I hope you have a lint-free day!

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