Friday, February 23, 2007

Making My List... Obsessing Over it

I know they say Santa made his list and checked it twice... but come on - really? Is that enough?
When I make a list I must check it compulsively. I've been told by close family members that I am even compulsive about my list making. (They're just jealous. It's totally healthy to make the same list every day.) One of my lists is Things I Want To Win This Year. So far, I've won some things; a Wii, gift cards, and cash (for furniture). I want to get the things on my list this year, I'll have to kick into high gear.
I'm thinking karma, because I got what appeared to be junk mail 3 days ago. It was a plain business envelope from Chrysler. I opened it and it was two tickets to the auto show this weekend. I'm going to go and enter every drawing I can find. I want to win a red Chrysler Town and Country. Wish me luck!

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