Monday, June 9, 2008

A trip around the sun with few blog posts to show for it

Shame on me! I've hardly posted at all in the past year. You don't need to scroll too far down the page to see the post about graduation - in 2007.

Sometimes life is a lot like "Lather, rinse, repeat", isn't it? This year there was another senior year in our house. Another prom. Another graduation! The puppy is still wonderful, the prizes are still being won.

So this is me this fall: THREE KIDS IN COLLEGE. When did this happen? My cousin recently reminded me about the time we were on the phone and I said to her "Carrie, I have to go. Michael is coming down the hall with a watermelon again!" Michael was probably four or five at the time. He graduated last Sunday.

In an email another cousin sent to me just three days ago: "You were right when you told me so many years ago that despite moms telling me it would go fast I couldn't appreciate it until it happened. It does go fast...too fast. I mean you have three kids that have already graduated high school and here I was feeling old cuz Adriana was going into middle school! :p"

Thanks, Melisa, for reminding me that no matter how old you feel, I'm older. And her email was well timed, too. She sent it just a day before my birthday.

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  1. I do have a ton of Tupperware recipes. Leave me your email address and which product (s) you want recipes for and I'll do my best to get some for you.

    Audrey :)