Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Savory Goodness From Leftover Roast

Do you often have leftover roast? Me either. So when it's on sale I have a roast-a-thon. I make four or five roasts and freeze them. When I get in a groove I just keep going. I am the poster child for inertia. (Especially the 'object at rest' part, I have that part down pat)

Here's how I make my roasts:

Get a 3.5 - 4 lb. English Chuck Roast (Or whatever size and type you want)
Get out the crock pot
Get out a big saute pan

Turn the burner on medium-high. Get the pan nice and hot and add the roast.
Get some Kitchen Bouquet. I put it on with a brush.
Let the first side get half way seared then flip.
Brush the side which is now up with Kitchen Bouquet.
Let the bottom really sear (this is what gives it yummy color and flavor)
*If you don't know what seared means think 'tiny bit burnt'.
Flip over and let the other side fully sear.
Now do the edges. Don't be lazy. You'll thank me later.

DO NOT drain the fat - now or ever. If you do I will hunt you down and taunt you for messing up something so potentially delicious

Put it in the crock pot with nothing. No water, no anything. You will not believe the flavor this will have done just this way.

When it's done store it in a good Tupperware container with all the juices. I freeze mine.

Now... back to the leftovers. Since we don't have those I go to the freezer and take out a frozen roast I already cooked as detailed above. Pop it in the microwave to thaw it out. It can get warm or even hot, but that is not necessary.

Take the roast, which is so tender it shreds as you lift it out, and put it in a saute pan. No oil, no butter, trust me on this one. Add some of those drippings you saved. Then add twice as much as you were going to originally. If you are using the whole roast use all the drippings. Do it!

Cook this over medium heat with your choice of any/all of the following:
*Fajita seasoning

*With just these three I am always very happy. Go ahead and add whatever else you think will make you happy.

While your whipping all of this up on one side of the stove, use the other side to make your tortillas. Heat about a quarter inch of oil in a small saute pan over medium-medium high heat. Lay in one corn tortilla at a time. Mine usually stay in for about 15 seconds per side. But I like mine to be pliable. You do yours to suit yourself.

You really should fry your own corn tortillas because this is going to be just messy enough to run juice down to your elbow. It's definitely a two-napkin event.

Spoon Some roast (and a little of the sauce, because that's what we are calling it now) into a tortilla. Repeat. I like to dab a little sour cream and/or guacamole on my plate for dipping, but it will be out of this world, even without them.

This is so good I usually end up eating twice as much as I should. Okay, three times as much on a good day. Save the sauce because if you are out of roast and nobody is watching you can fry some tortillas and dip them in the sauce like I did yesterday. It's good down to the last drop.

My theme is not 'healthy' or 'fancy'. It's more like "Once you have this you will both love and hate me forever."

And... you're welcome!


  1. Very interesting recipe. Sounds yummy. I also love cooking beforehand and freezing the leftovers.

  2. YummmmmmmY! I love roast and leftovers. Just stopping in for a visit.
    Need dessert? I have cookies! :)