Tuesday, February 24, 2009

She Forgot All About The Library?

I have to admit I had sort of forgotten about the library myself. Until they built a new one right here by the local high school. God Bless America, I love that place.

What would we do without the library? Do you use yours? We use ours regularly. We always have several books checked out. My favorite thing about the library website is putting books on hold. If our local library does not have them, we can still put them on hold. We get an email telling us when we have books ready for pickup. They put them in a special section where we gather them ourselves. Our library, while it has a good sized staff, is also totally self serve. (If you want it to be)

My husband likes to use the website to read books online. I want to hold a book in my hand. I want to hear and feel the crinkly library book cover and smell the pages. These things are an important part of the reading process to me. And before you all leave 11, 238 comments asking: No, I do not lick my library books.

Today we went and picked up this bunch of books we had waiting on us. What a luxury. Don't get me wrong, I love to sit all day at Barnes & Noble. I also love being able to bring everything home without adding more burden to our already overstressed bookshelves. With the big cd and dvd collections available, we could almost give up Blockbuster and Netflix. Almost. We watch about a thousand hours of Netflix downloads a month, though. So we are keeping Netflix.

Our library has a reading room with a nice big fireplace and comfortable overstuffed chairs. They also have a machine with coffee and tea and cocoa. I love our little library and hope you have one you can enjoy as well.

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  1. I love you so much! It is really something else to be able to enjoy our great little library and its cozy fireplace with you, my wonderful wife. Almost as great as watching all those movies by your side!

    God bless you!!!