Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mapleside Farms, Bruinswick Ohio

Four of us went to Mapleside Farms. When we arrived we realized there was a Jazz festival going on in the back, so everything was busy. We were not deterred. It's difficult to get us to willingly walk away from good eats. Mapleside Farms has an applehouse and bakery, a gift shop, and a restaurant. We took our time in all three. Our favorite part? It's a tie between the applehouse and bakery and the restaurant. Very solid and worth the time.

The highlight of any trip to Mapleside Farms is the big caramel apple. These are so wonderful I will not eat a caramel apple from anywhere else. I used to be happy with caramel apples from candy shops and Carmel Popcorn stands, but now I am spoiled. (This will come as a shock to anyone who knows me - I should have made sure you were sitting down.) They start with giant delicious apples. The glob on the caramel so thick it makes me giddy. There are options, but I am a purist and go for one with chopped peanuts.

The dining highlight had to have been the barbecued ribs my husband ordered. They use apple butter barbecue sauce. Oh my ganache, I'm feeling faint just thinking about them! I didn't like the idea, but the sauce itself was out of this world.

If you are in Northeast Ohio this month (October) you are in for a special treat because Mapleside farms is having their 'Fall weekends" with horse drawn hay rides, apple picking, and a corn maze, among many other fun things to do.

Two college kids enjoyed it, and are looking forward to returning.

Four of us went - four thumbs up!

*I was only able to take pictures with my phone so the pictures of the ribs were blurry. I'll go back with a proper camera so you can see them.

P.S. Now I am hungry.

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