Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oy With the Leonard Cohen, Already! AKA: Leonard Cohen, You Are My Sunshine

If you are a true Java Junkie, you get the "Oy with the Leonard Cohen, Already!" title. If not, I'm sorry.

Here's the rub: (another nod to Java Junkies) I want Leonard Cohen to sing "You Are My Sunshine" when he comes to Cleveland. I also want a recording of him singing it. Who can help? Does anyone know who I can call? I would work for free for a week, maybe two, just to get to hear him sing it and get to have a copy of him singing it.

Suggestions? Hints? Tips? Ideas? Anything?


  1. I write about Leonard Cohen at I have a mp3 file of "You are my sunshine" by Cohen I can send you but the audio quality is quite poor. If you are interested, please email me at DrHGuy AT

  2. LOL, I'm so not a Java Junkie. I have no idea who he is :)