Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something Wonderful Has Happened!

     Since circa 1998 I have been without my trusty 9x9" glass baking dish. I took it to my Aunt Bonnie's house one time for a family gathering. I took it there and baked my used-to-be-famous hot fudge pudding cake in it. When I got it back a couple of weeks later it had shrunk to 8x8". I didn't even realize this until I made another hot fudge cake and it spilled out all over my oven. I asked about my 9x9" pan but was told it did not exist. Someone in my family has it, they must. 

     I have been looking to purchase another 9x9 pan all these years. Scouring the internet, factory outlet stores, discount stores, department stores, specialty stores. No luck. 

     Yesterday I was just minding my own business in JCPenney and what did I spy? A 9x9 ceramic baking dish! Close enough, pal! I can make my soon-to-be-famous-again hot fudge pudding cake again.

      It's a Christmas Miracle!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my food blog The Diva of Tiny Foods and checking out my Pop Art Cupcakes. Plus you left a lovely tip for making my next round easier with your recommendation to nuke the frosting a bit so I could dip my cupcakes!

    BTW, I'm glad you found your 9x9 pan - losing a favorite baking dish can put a serious kink in your cooking!

  2. I love my 9x9 glass baking dish....are you telling me they are now hard to come by??? OH Ill probably break mine, LOL.

    BTW....I have a give away going on...and your Key Lime post fits right in :)

  3. ha, so glad you got your pan back! :)

  4. I've done that internet scouring for something in particular that I didn't think was a big deal until I didn't have it! I'm so glad you found your dish!!

  5. Thanks for entering my giveaway and becoming a follower. Followed you here. Goodluck!
    Oh! GoSh Goodies...

  6. Hot fudge pudding cake and Oreo truffles. You are my kinda girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love yours.