Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why Yes, Yes We Are Spoiled - Northeast Ohio Edition

      How many things can we possibly take for granted? Here's another one for me and my lucky neighbors. Our local grocer, Buehler's, offers quite a few services. There's a Kid's Park, for ages 3-9, where you can drop off your littles while you grocery shop. In fact, since there's an Ace Hardware in Buehlers, you can even get paint mixed while your kids are happily  playing away. There is also a Kids Club, which is totally free. Each time you take the children to the store with you they get a special treat, which changes with the month. This month it is a trial size tube of Crest.

     Enough about the kids. Buehler's also has a nice little restaurant in the store. And a bank. And a dry cleaner. Oh, and a post office. Plus, you can drop off your library books at Buehler's. They also have an award winning florist. Carry out? Well, not really. At Buehler's you aren't allowed to take a cart outside. Because they send your groceries out on a conveyor belt and you simply drive up to the pick up lanes and they load them in the car.

     Oh, they also have something called "Click, Load, and Go." Are you ready to be jealous? You simply go online and order your groceries, telling them when you want to pick them up. Then you drive up to the pick up lane designated for Click Load & Go and just pick them up. How nice is that? Don't want to drag yourself inside and pick up everything, lug it up to the checkout and plop it on the counter only to take it home and carry it in and put it away? You don't have to - you can drive up to the store in your pajamas and get all your groceries. You still have to take it inside and put it away, but I guess that is to keep you humble.

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