Monday, June 20, 2011

Take a Deep Breath

     Name one thing most people take for granted: Breathing.

     Isn't it simple? I mean, we aren't all breathing manually, are we? There's a girl named Shelly and she can't take breathing for granted. I saw her Saturday, sitting on the steps, putting all her effort into obtaining oxygen. 

     So I am asking you a favor. And it's so simple. Make a donation, any donation, even a dollar, but more is great. Give something to help Shelly breathe easy. I promise you, she will not take it for granted. If you've never had a very sick child, give some out of gratitude for your good fortune. If you have had a sick child, give some because you know how it feels. 

    When you go to the Shelly's Page at the National Foundation for Transplants you can even use your credit card to give online. 

     We would also accept gift and gift card donations to use at the next fundraising event for raffle or auction prizes. 

     Please share this on facebook/twitter/your blog/anywhere. 

Please put Shelly on your prayer list at church. 


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  1. It seems like it has to be taken pretty easily and not have to be get it any hazardous situation.