Sunday, November 13, 2011


     I thought I would share a few things here about the Ravenna we are buying from Ryan Homes.

  • Our sales rep worked hard to get me the oak stairs I want. The final price for those is $1350. It's worth every penny.
  • We changed the laundry/master closet configuration. The cost for this change is $25. 
  • We asked for a dedicated 220v for our current electric range in Harry Potter's room in the basement. It made sense to quit crying over the double oven they will not do in the Ravenna model and just put the range I already have in the basement for an additional oven. It costs less and allows me to not heat the main floor in the summer.
  • We added a dedicated circuit in Harry Potter's room for the extra freezer. 
  • We got pricing for laminate flooring upstairs in the hall and bonus room.  ($1050 hall, $2185 bonus room) We then changed our mind and went to hardwood floors. Pricing for the upstairs hardwood to follow.
  • We asked for a dimmer switch and it was explained to us that they can't put a dimmer switch in with the energy saving bulbs. No problem.
  • We asked for the storage room in the basement to be finished. It came back at $4150, but the wall/door was missing and it was all one big room. We sent it back to them for pricing adding the wall and door. They came back at $4550. This includes the recessed lighting and carpet and padding choices we made. We also needed to add an egress window in the room because we plan to use it as a guest suite. The egress window is $1290. The room came without a closet, so we are asking for a closet as well. I'm expecting it to be around $400 -$500 since the one in the bonus room is $400. We shall see what happens.
  • We requested an extra 'lane' in our drive to the side of the house. They added an 8 foot apron. The cost of this is $1265.
  • We added a recessed light in the big hall closet upstairs, and another one in the nook of the bonus room.
  • We added an outlet in the garage, the master closet, and above the cabinets on the tiny side wall. I asked for the one above the cabinets to be on a switch. I plan on throwing some rope lights up on top where nobody will see them, but we can enjoy the glow in the middle of the night. It will also be fun for Christmas decorations!
  • We are doing something special with our landscaping as well. We haven't turned it in to them yet, but one of our wonderful sales reps is helping us get what we really want!
We might be changing our granite. We will find out about more about this Monday or Tuesday.

I just spoke to Gary, who says our lot is staked now! It's exciting because it means something is starting to happen!

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  1. We got the same answer on the dimmer switch with the CFL bulbs. I tooled the answer and did my own research. You an do it, but you have to get a dimmer made for those lights and then you have to get special CFL or LED bulbs that are dimmable...these are hard to find but becoming more available at Lowes. I just installed a dimmer with LED bulbs for our pub table and will be doing the pendant lights at the bar next. The switch was a 10 minute change out job and the dimming bulbs work great. Take the NO and do it yourself later