Thursday, November 10, 2011

Many Meetings, Cont.

     We have had a ton of meetings in the last few weeks. It feels like the house meetings and preparations for these meetings are taking a lot more of our time and attention than we had expected. We went to Rite Rug again and choose hardwood flooring. We met with Guardian again and finalized with them. We added the central vac and surround sound in the basement and family room. We also got a couple of speakers outside. (Now I think there needs to be an option to sound proof the Master bedroom so I can have some peace while everyone is making noise!) Who's with me?

     We did not have our walk through with the project manager yet, since we were changing flooring. Because we are doing hardwood upstairs as well, we have to get non standard pricing for zone 2. (Zone 2 really just means upstairs) There is another meeting with the sales reps where we finalize everything, which they say they want to do this weekend. I guess we'll be doing the walk through with the project manager later this week. Maybe. Who knows?

     We're waiting to hear about closet upgrades. Our sales reps have never had anyone ask about it before.  There are quite a few things we are doing which nobody else has even asked to do before. I'm either very strange or very clever! Or a bit of both.



  1. what are you trying to accomplish in the closets?

  2. In the model home in our neighborhood (a Chantilly model) they had a stack of shelving instead of just one shelf all the way around. There was also a sign telling you to ask the sales rep about closet shelving upgrades. Unfortunately the only offer is shelves that aren't sectioned off. Instead you can get a shelf where you can slide the hanger all the way. Rather meaningless, if you ask me. They don't offer any different configurations or upgrades. Price was $96 for the master closet. Not exciting at all, in my opinion.

    I wasn't hoping to accomplish any certain thing, but I did want to know what options there are. I mean, if there was an option for a great system, I wanted to know about it.