Friday, June 15, 2012

Watering the Dog

     So this morning I am being 'good me' and so I walked the dog. Tony was being 'regular' (stubborn) Tony so he decided, when the walk was almost through, as a matter of fact we were on an extra part of our walk, to cop a squat. So he sprawled out on the neighbors' tree lawn. Tony wouldn't budge. Minutes went by. Tony dug in his heels. Did I mention this was while the neighbors had their sprinkler on? And did I also mention he was under the stream of water? Yeah, sissy-boy was just hanging out, taking a shower. I finally was able to force him to move, which he immediately regretted. He tried to pull me back in the direction of the outdoor shower. I offered him a bath at home. I think I heard him scoff at me.

wet dog
     When I finally dragged his scrawny wet butt in the door he rolled all over my pretty wood floors. Thanks, dog! The whole house smells lovely now. Lucky for puppy-pants, some geniuses invented Febreeze years ago. I'm off to buy the dog his own waterpark, since our very own lawn is being seeded today!

     Don't be fooled - this little dog makes my heart happy, even when he's being a full-on knucklehead. 

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  1. I have a 14 year old Dachshund that acts like a jerk dog sometimes and barks for things he wants, but I love him.