Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wishing For A Charming Guest Room

     I've been inspired by quite a few people who know how to make guests feel at home. We have stayed in nice hotels we never wanted to leave. I understand the importance of a decent pillow and comfy sheets. But what does it really take, besides a bed in a separate room, to make a really nice guest room?

     I've been reading articles and looking at pictures at for inspiration. I know to have a bedside table with a lamp, a clock, something to drink, and a little catch-all for jewelry. Fresh flowers are nice, a robe and slippers are really nice, and a little basket of toiletries is lovely. It also keeps you from rummaging through your linen closet while your guests stands there waiting - awkward.

     I think I'm going for 'Charming' in the guest room. I already have an old bed, a hand-me-down quilt, sheer window treatments, an old typewriter, and an antique bedside table in the room. While I sit here, really thinking about it, it's a hearts and flowers room. Heart shaped sheet music garland drapes a mirror. A floral fabric pennant hangs in one window, while some floral fabric acts as a sort of valance in the other. I guess I'll go with the hearts and flowers in there, since it's already on the way. I already have plenty I can add to the room if I keep that motif.

     I have a little vintage desk in there, with the old typewriter and a matching style mirror on it. It can act as a writing desk or dressing table. There is a pretty carafe on the bedside table - a gift from my friend Lindsay. A vintage alarm clock is on the table as well, which tick-tocks rather loudly, but has a reliable bell for an alarm. 

     For me, standing in the space doesn't work as well as taking pictures to see what's right and wrong with the room. Anyone know why that is? I'm sharing a few pictures I just took of the work-in-progress and I'm taking any/all hints, tips and suggestions. Don't worry about being kind, I don't expect you to have the sentimental attachment I do to any of the pieces.
The guest room at the top of the stairs

The bed faces the desk, which can also do dressing table duty.

From the desk you can see the closet.

From the bed you see the windows and desk.

     My hands were shaking like crazy so the pictures are bad, but I can't do it any better right now. This is a 'you get the idea' type of thing, okay?

     So tell me... what are you doing in your guest room? What ideas do you have to share with me?


  1. Did you already paint the walls? It looks to me that you could bring all these items together better with a color that matches the decoration and the wood on the beds. It's hard to tell but from your pictures the wall paint looks a little yellow. To match the red of the wood, I would try something more neutral or with a little tint of green to highlight the wood.

  2. I haven't painted anything in the house yet, except the trim for the bookcases and some touch up paint. I was waiting for our 30 day, then 10 month follow-up so they would take care of nail pops from the house settling. After that I plan to do a board treatment on at least one wall and choose a paint color. The desk and one other piece in the room are also going to be painted.