Sunday, June 28, 2015


Nobody can be perfectly who they wish to be. We all disappoint ourselves, and often. We fall short of our noble intentions every day. Christian or not, I think we do this. If you hold any of us to a standard of personal perfection, none of us pass muster. 

My belief is Christ taught us compassion and love for others. We are called upon to love others as we love ourselves. We fail constantly, every day. Hopefully we also succeed. When, the other night, I helped a client load her car and we were done she asked if she could hug me because I was so nice. I admitted to her I had wanted to hug her too, but did not know if I should ask. We hugged.  A few weeks ago at the dentist I offered to give an elderly couple who were there with an out of state daughter a ride for follow up visits because I heard them saying they did not know how they would get back for them. The mother asked me what church I go to and before I could even get a chance to answer she said "Because you sure are doing what the church is teaching!" All I did was offer a ride to some people who had no other way to the dentist. Shouldn't any human being be willing to do such a simple thing for another? 

It was the nicest compliment I have ever received. Not because nobody has ever been more charming with me, but because someone could feel the love I try daily to put out into the world in whatever ways I can find. 

For the record, I do not attend church, and have not for years. (Although I expect this will be changing very soon) My family is full of church-goers. Lots of churches I have been to teach things I feel are vile, and not at all loving. I refuse to show my support to a place teaching hatred. It makes me sad there are children learning from these churches - children who may grow up thinking God doesn't love them because they have sinned. 

I recently reminded one of my own (older) children what I think is and is not from God. So many Christians say things like "God told me that guy is wrong because..." I remind my children Christ never would have stood beside us and pointed out the faults of others. He was too busy telling us to love them. 

We were told the greatest of our commandments is to Love God with all our being and love others. Loving others includes being in service to them, because isn't that a lot of what love is? 

Boiled down to the simplest form, I think it is for us to express gratitude and love as much as we are able. 

Nobody probably needs to go around announcing to others "I am expressing gratitude and love and doing the very best I can!" because it should be wholly unnecessary. People don't need to be told you are doing it - because they know - they feel it. 

Those old bracelets asked "What would Jesus do?" What would he do, indeed. 

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