Saturday, December 2, 2006

Murayshall in Perth, Scotland

I spent a fabulous birthday evening dining at Murrayshall in 2001. We'd set out to dine at a castle, but that wasn't to be. Our driver suggested Murrayshall as an excellent alternative. It met all of our expectations. Murrayshall is famous because of its' beautiful golf course, but the dining leaves nothing to be desired. We were as well taken care of by Katherine, our beautifully freckled, red headed waitress as we've been anywhere we've dined. The food was excellent and the view was stunning.

They've a beautiful grand piano in the dining room, which led to quite a bit of playing, and then singing, by the other group in the dining room. They had come in happy and hungry from the beautiful golf course. After drinks and dinner and dessert, there was a round of happy birthday, led and sung by the other friendly patrons.

If I had to choose between The Ritz Paris or Murrayshall, I would choose Murrayshall every time. There was lots to love about the small part of Scotland I was able to see. This place was quite lovable.


  1. If only you could have seen yourself that day... glowing. I have yet to see a more beautiful, sparkling model that you that evening. Glorious!

  2. Your grace and beauty was perfection... I was so concerned that this second place would not be available, or not as nice as that first castle we visited. This one turned out to be much better and they did treat us like royalty... we had a fabulous meal. A truly unforgetable day... Thank you, My Life.